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Like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's latest album, The Growlers' 2014 release is a more laid-back effort, and it sounds quite a bit cleaner than their last. If you need some sunshine-through-your-eyelids surf blues, this should keep you smiling. Catchy, tasteful, a little sleepy, and just the slightest tinge of psychedelia.


Seal pup at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area 

A very young seal pup was spotted near the tide pools at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, surprising BLM staffers who are more accustomed to seeing baby seals in May or early June.

Meredith Matherly, the BLM education staffer at Yaquina who captured the photographs of the male pup, said the sighting on Cobble Beach was “extremely late in the season” but that there were no visible health issues.

“This one seemed healthy and happy, though,” said Matherly, adding that soon after the sighting the pup scooted into the water to meet mom and “ride on her back as he gets used to this big wide world!”

For more information on Yaquina Head, visit http://on.doi.gov/1lZfhcC


In Walking with Giants, we follow 167-million-year-old dinosaur tracks in the ancient ocean shores of…Wyoming?

For part of the Middle Jurassic, Wyoming was covered periodically by an ancient ocean called the Sundance Sea. Until the tracks were found, scientists thought that only sea-dwelling creatures could have lived in the area which would mean there shouldn’t be any dinosaur footprints here at all. But there are thousands of tracks in the 40-acre area. 

CLICK HERE to read Walking with Giants - a feature article by Sarah Beckwith in the BLM’s My Public Lands Magazine, Summer 2014