Visit Miner’s Delight Ghost Town, BLM Wyoming 

In a beautiful spot near the Continental Divide south of Lander, Wyo., Miner’s Delight—a BLM-managed ghost town—is a silent witness to the heyday of Wyoming’s gold mining era. It is part of the South Pass Historic Mining District and is protected as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

ACECs are special management areas designated by BLM to protect significant historic, cultural, or scenic values; fish and wildlife resources; natural process or systems; and/or natural hazards. ACECs provide tangible benefits, such as tourism dollars, for local communities.

Photos by by Jerry Sintz

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今夜の特集「frutti frutta 果物のうつわ」では久々にMarianne Westmanマリアンヌ ウェストマンデザインの陶器が充実しています。特にブルーベリーのシリーズはお皿の上に散らばったブルーベリーが愛らしい一枚。


Happy Halloween from BLM - Get Outside This Holiday Weekend!

Top photo and pumpkin design by Chad Douglas, web master and social media lead, BLM Utah. Middle design by Jeff Kichens, Pompeys Pillar National Monument manager, BLM Montana/Dakotas. Bottom BLM pumpkin by Jeff Krauss, public affairs chief in the BLM Washington Office. 

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Happy #BatWeek! The BLM Protects Bats in Cave Creek ACEC, Wyoming

The 240-acre Cave Creek Cave Area of Critical Environmental Protection is located on public land in the Shirley Mountains of Carbon County, Wyoming. The Cave Creek Cave ACEC Management Plan was approved in December 2011 and provides the framework for the future management direction and appropriate use of the BLM-administered lands and resources. 

The management plan was developed to protect and preserve cave resource values, improve the quality and safety of visitor experiences and allow for scientific and educational opportunities to occur in the cave. Specific management goals for Cave Creek Cave include protecting the hibernaculum and maternity roost inhabited by several bat species and maintaining its backcountry conditions while providing for recreational opportunities.

Check out photos of this batty site and more on our My Public Lands Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mypubliclands/sets/

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A Ghostly, Historic Cabin Gets Its Name From a Brothers’ Bloody Shootout

The Walker Cabin dates back to the mid-19th century gold rush period and is located in the Keyesville Recreation Area, west of Lake Isabella in Kern County, California.  The cabin got its name from the infamous rough and tumble tenants; brothers who were often referred to as the “Shooting Walkers”. The cabin was built some years before the Walker brothers actually resided in it, but the nickname stuck as a result of a particularly grisly shootout that involved one brother shooting the other. The site is considered haunted by some.  

The BLM has begun the process of restoring the structures and artifacts from the tumultuous gold rush era in the Keyesville area. These cultural resources provide a wealth of historical information; they are a living window into California’s vibrant past.

By Melissa Ghergich, BLM

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