Over on Twitter, benito-cereno asked people to pitch seven-person Justice League roster featuring only female characters, and this is what I came up with:

  1. Zatanna Zatara (always and forever)
  2. Negative Woman (for the weirdness)
  3. Wonder Woman (because it is the Justice League)
  4. The Question (because I miss Renee Montoya)
  5. XS (because I am forever casting XS in all my fantasy rosters)
  6. Bulleteer (two of the Seven Soldiers? Of course!)
  7. Hawkwoman (Shayara forever)
  8. Amanda Waller as a BONUS master tactician.

For a photographer living in a major city filled with iconic architecture, museums, and myriad tourist destinations, the struggle to capture an authentic image is great. This was the exact situation photographer Michael Wolf found himself in after moving to Paris from Hong Kong in 2008. Surrounded in a city filled with sights that could easily be interpreted as cliché, Wolf pointed his camera away from the recognizable landmarks and instead focused on the dense rooftops surrounding the city. Packed with stout chimneys, tv antennas, graffiti, and numerous geometric forms, these shots present a strange abstracted view of a usually recognizable place.

Wolf’s “Paris Abstract” series is currently on view at Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco through September 6, 2014.


Elle est debout sur mes paupières
Et ses cheveux sont dans les miens,
Elle a la forme de mes mains,
Elle a la couleur de mes yeux,
Elle s’engloutit dans mon ombre
Comme une pierre sur le ciel.

Elle a toujours les yeux ouverts
Et ne me laisse pas dormir.
Ses rêves en pleine lumière
Font s’évaporer les soleils,
Me font rire, pleurer et rire,
Parler sans avoir rien à dire.

Paul Eluard


In the remote high deserts of New Mexico, modern-day archaeologists and adventurers are building a bridge to our past.

Between A.D. 700 and 1150, the Chacoan people built the Great Houses. Thanks to their advanced architecture and masonry techniques, some of these elaborate buildings - which they mysteriously left behind - are now known to have been several stories high with hundreds of rooms.  See the cover photo by Lorran Meares.

Read more in Welcome to the Big House - a feature article by Donna Hummel in the BLM’s My Public Lands Magazine, Summer 2014