Best Camera for an #EarthDay #NatureSelfie?  A Critter Cam of Course! 

In 2007, the BLM’s Las Cruces District Office in New Mexico began utilizing a trail camera to monitor wildlife use. Today, these cameras – known as “critter cams” - are deployed throughout the District. These cameras evaluate the use of guzzlers or wildlife water catchments. Guzzlers collect and store rain water in suitable habitats devoid of natural water sources. The cameras help the BLM determine whether the guzzlers are working and provide invaluable data about the animals in the area.

The BLM New Mexico and other states now share their critter cam photos with the public for rare photos of wildlife in action.  Check out a few of our favorites!  #NoPlaceLikeHome


In the middle of December 2014 we had an awesome XS photoshoot! Aaaand here’s the results :3  We’re very satisfied with this work despite that there were some fails on the photoshoot xD Wise thing I learned - photos that were taken in last 15 minutes before the end of the photoshoot are the BEST photos. For real. Thank you Jackie, luv uuuu, loseeer <3 

Photo by Eva

Jack Spicer oniksiya  Kimiko Tohomiko by me~ 

part 1 (some descriptions under the photos ^^) 

This beauty❤️ First bike I ever really had the opportunity to shoot thanks to the homie 🎌🐀 @thecornergarage #hondacb550 it was sad to see it go - can’t wait to see my #cb400f ————————————————-#honda #harley #suzuki #yamaha #xs #triumph #bmw #bobber #bratstyle #sportster #caferacerxxx #caferacersofinstagram #vintagemotorcycles #bellafonte #miami #magiccity
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‘I don’t Like Koala’ book is officially out now! :-D Here is a 'photo’ of me and Sean Ferrell (the writer) looking proud.

For more details: http://books.simonandschuster.com/I-Dont-Like-Koala/Sean-Ferrell/9781481400688

Sydney book event: Saturday, 18th April - 2pm - Kinokuniya Bookstores, Sydney. http://www.kinokuniya.com.au/events-details/80/1/i-dont-like-koala-book-event-with-charles-santoso


Meet the Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard

The Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard is listed as an Endangered Species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and has Fully Protected status from the State of California.  It is one of the many listed species that BLM biologists and ecologists are actively working to put on the path to recovery. Check out the photos of this lizard that inhabits the remaining portions of flat desert grasslands in the San Joaquin Valley.

Photos by Dr. Mike Westphal, BLM-California Ecologist


Aaaaand the last part.  This one with a lil’ bit Jackim that I love soooo much (seriously this is not okay). First two photos based on one of  sallychanscraps arts (second picture) and one more artist that I didn’t know unfortunatelly ^_^” (first picture, if you do know an artist pleeease signal me <3 ) I hope you don’t mind, guys .__. 

Thank you all for your reposts and likes, you’re the best!!!

Photo by Eva

Jack Spicer oniksiya​  Kimiko Tohomiko by me~