9/8/2014. Was up until the late AMs doing the usual (3DS, tv, reading, etc. and boyfriend called me on his way to work) then took a short nap and woke up, got food, did a short booty workout, took a shower, got ready for work, went to work, it was slow but steady, made my boyfriend come there to see me so we hung out while I was working, then he took me home, we cuddled and stuff, then he left, and now I’m doing my usual night ritual of listening to music and sneaking downstairs to do some hooping. #teen #girl #selfie #face #me #blonde #nofilter Oh and also I did upload my cover of “Wasted” by Cartel that I had posted snippets of on here. Full video: http://youtu.be/XPUD-3CYjC0 please check it out and give it a thumbs up if you like (: (I may upload another recording of it because I like my vocals slightly better but I did mess up on the lyrics near the end so I dunno)