Xpose Preview - November 28, 2011

Let’s talk about this gold mine of a video, shall we? 

Context: Filmed November 25, 2011 in Dublin, the same day as all this

So this is how Harry & Louis were sitting:


See how Louis has his arm over Harry’s thigh? 

The interviewer asks if any of the guys are single. This is the first time that I can find where Louis actually said out loud with words in speech “I have a girlfriend.” This is over 2 months AFTER the Sun article saying Eleanor was his girlfriend and literally about the 15th time he’s asked to his face if he has a girlfriend. It’s also just 3 days after Simon Jones was in on the Sugarscape interview where Harry called Louis gay and referred to Eleanor as “smelleanor.” 

So here we have the first promo day after the “Don’t say it…that’s he’s gay” incident and all that interview entailed whilst Simon Jones watched from 3 feet away, and Louis’ time has run out. He has to say he has a girlfriend. I can’t prove it, but I think this was after the Spin interview where, when asked that question, Louis let Niall answer for him, a tactic he had been using for a while, and after the infamous Muzu interview with all the making out and touching.

That’s interesting because at :13, the interviewer makes an offhand remark about the two guys with girlfriends are on the “outside.” Louis and Liam, the guy Louis usually relied on to answer the question for both of them, was on the opposite end of the couch and the interviewer started with Louis. Louis then makes the comment “I think they did this on purpose.” And looks up at Harry quickly before looking off camera. 

And at :21, the world ends because the interviewer asks Louis (GOD BLESS THIS INTERVIEWER WHO ALWAYS BRINGS THE LARRY GOODS) “What about these other guys? Do you think they’re looking for love?” And Louis’ voice gets soft and he looks up at Harry and he says “I think they’re always looking for love.” And pats his arm. And Harry is trying so hard not to explode into a burst of heart-shaped glitter and says “Who knows?” and Louis looks off camera and smirks. 



(very special thanks to halfsleeper for making me these gifs so I could adequately express my flail over this moment)

Just another example of Louis, especially, bucking that closeting trend in Fall 2011. 

Bonus Harry looking at Louis and Louis patting Harry’s thigh (gifs not my own).



Finally able to release this pic from out #wakingupinvegas shoot! This one is by far my favorite of all the ones we took! What do y’all think? Photography by @garrettbridwell and be sure to head over to @underwearexpert for the rest of the photos! #vegas #modeling #body #tan #speedo#freedomreigns @freedomreignsla #xposed #iwasxposed #sun #muscle @colbymelvin @whereiswisco

vardoeger said:

Have you found a clever and reliable get-around for disabling some of the permissions of popular apps like Vine, Twitter, and Tumblr? I like them in theory but I don’t want them having access to my contacts, sms’, knowing who I call and for how long ect.

Use an xposed module called App Settings


Uninstalled an app recently because you didn’t like the look of a permission it was asking for? Now you can just nip into App Settings and stop that tube map from accessing your microphone.

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