Till Dawn (Abel Tesfaye / The Weeknd) 19

Surprise. I’m alive. However, I want you to know that I will not be finishing the story. I just can’t write it. Personal problems and conflictual feelings get in the way, and I’ve lost the ability to do so altogether.

So, I’m giving the story over to you all. Write an ending and message me your work and I’ll post the best one.

Here’s all of Chapter 19 that I wrote, and thanks for reading:

After taking a deep breath, I sighed. I was clueless as to what we could even try to do about Isaiah, knowing the craziness he was capable of manifesting. Something in me wondered how he had even gotten to this point of psychotic and vengeful; how horrible he was making my life didn’t even seem like it was possible outside of movies and horror stories. “I don’t know, Abel,” I finally spoke. “I went to get a restraining order on him after he knocked me out, but during the meeting I had to go to the hospital because I was losing the baby.”

Abel hugged me tighter to his chest, and I breathed in his scent while my heart skipped a beat. If he wasn’t there hugging me at that moment, I would not know how to handle myself. Thankfully, Abel could somehow take away the anxiety and panic that situations such as this were sure to cause me, and I kicked myself again for pushing him away instead of seeking his comfort when I did lose the baby.

“One thing is for sure, though,” he spoke. With my head pressed tight against his chest, his voice was loud as I was hearing it booming from inside of him. “I’m not letting you out of my sight as long as I can help it.”

As safe as I felt in that moment, it was no consolation for the reality that Isaiah was somewhere out in the world with some malicious intent. Fortunately, Abel could at least make me forget about that fact for the time being, and he did just that as we stood in my living room with his arms wrapped around me. Finally pulling away, I looked up and into his eyes to try and understand what might be going through his mind at this point. I wanted to see if he was as fearful as I was, but his eyes met mine and I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. A smile played on the corners of his lips, confusing me, so I shot him a questioning look. His only response was to smile even more at me, and I couldn’t help but to smile back in return. We were communicating without words, so I stuck my tongue out at him as he smirked and tightened his grip around my waist. This playful behavior seemed to be so out of place based on the circumstances, but we continued, and I broke eye contact by laughing and squirming when he began to tickle me.

“Stop, Abel!” I squealed continuously, trying my best to curl up in a ball and avoid his hands, only to end up on the floor in the fetal position with him positioned above me and both of his arms on either side of me.

Abel had finally decided to cease the tickling, so once I caught my breath I asked, “So that means you’re staying the night here, right?” arching an eyebrow and biting my lower lip to try and look seductive. I knew he picked up on my hints because his eyes moved from looking at mine to scanning the curves of my body. A smirk was still clear on his features but it was for different reasons since I was trying to entice him and he was letting me do so. In a swift motion, he lowered himself to kiss my jawline, right next to my ear, causing me to roll onto my back and arch my body up towards his. Continuing to go along with my seductive behavior, he pressed his hips down onto my body, and I could feel the bulge in his jeans against my pelvis as my breathing became heavier. At some point, our lips had met and the kisses we exchanged were intensely passionate. Abel nibbled on my lips, pulling my bottom lip gently with his teeth and causing me to moan. At my moans, he pushed harder between my legs, and I arched my hips upward toward his body even more while my hands found the hem of his shirt and began to pull it off. Midway through removing his shirt, he stopped me and pulled his lips from mine. Seeing my confused face, Abel smirked and shook his head while saying, “You can’t have it,” and motioning to the still growing bulge in his jeans.

“But I love you,” I replied, lacing my voice with as much innocence and cuteness as I could muster in my monstrous state. I wanted to ravage him at this point.

His smirk widened and he lowered himself to close the gap between our faces. Instead of kissing me, however, he brushed his lips against my left ear and whispered in the most sensual voice, “What makes you think you deserve it?”

Chills went down my spine and goosebumps rose from my skin instantly. If I wasn’t wet before, I surely was now. “Abel…” I started, not capable of saying much else. His pelvis was pressed into me a bit more as I fought hard to keep my head clear and my breaths from shaking. In a swift motion, I grabbed him, pulling his face down to mine to connect our lips in an attempt to persuade him to make love to me. I made my tongue dance across his lips to try and turn him on even more than he already was, and by the way his body moved closer to mine, I realized it was working. Quickly, I slid my hands under his shirt and glided them across the top of his jeans, cautiously approaching the button and zipper to take them off. After waiting to see if he would stop me, I hurriedly undid his pants and began to pull them off. Abel did the same for mine, and within seconds, he had a condom on and was inside me, pulling in and out of me at a steady pace. Our mouths were still frantically exploring each others, and in the breaths we took, moans escaped mine.

We were enmeshed completely, wrapped up together as we made love on my living room floor but in so many other ways, too. Our lives were entangled together by our love for each other, the mess with Isaiah, and all the other shit we had gone through in the time we had gotten to know each other. He had completely taken over my heart and neither of us had even realized just how seriously we connected, and realizing that made me realize exactly what loving him meant. It meant that because of how inseparable we were now, there would always be the possibility of one of us getting hurt, and knowing my history, I knew it would most likely be Abel. The crazy thing about love, though, is that it gives you a sense of recklessness that tells you to go against your fear of taking risks and just ignore the possible consequences of pain and heartbreak. Realizing that scared me more than anything.