MAGNETO;   t h e   M A S T E R   o f   M A G N E T I S M

Magnetism is one of the fundamental forces of nature. Where do you think sunlight comes from? Stellar fusion is born of the interaction between gravity and magnetism. Thank your various deities for the conflict in his soul. Within Erik Lehnsherr is the rational man who struggles constantly with the methods employed by Magneto to achieve what he believes are righteous goals. The child of the holocaust who fears becoming what he most hates. If those two elements ever reconcile, there could be no practical limit to what he might accomplish.  - Doc McCoy, Excalibur v3 #11



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I'm not sure if you know a lot about x-men but there's something I'd like to ask you, in the end of first class they show charles to be more like upset, and disappointed but in dofp he seems more bitter and angry and I don't understand why?

I’d like to think that charles in xmfc still has something to hold onto and unlike dofp, he feels like he lost everything that has meant to him. His powers no longer feels like a gift but curse.

In XMFC, after Cuba, he lost Raven, Erik and his legs all the same time. But he still has others. He still has the dream to build a school for mutants. That’s why he is more upset and seemingly more cheerful. He still dreams.

But in dofp, it was after the Vietnam War, almost everyone who he still feels as family, is sent into war. I’d imagine Raven and Erik have also caused some troubles as well. He would also keep tracks on those who were sent to war, Sean etc. Imagine with his powers, all those pain and suffering exploded in his head. Imagine feeling all his friends, colleagues keep dying. Like how he felt Shaw but only much much worse. And he can do nothing to stop it. He can’t even join the war physically or protect them due to his disability.

I think Erik and Raven also played their role as well. HIs friend, his sister left him when he is vulnerable. The ‘You abandoned me’ was both metaphorically and literally. They left him when a bullet hit him, they ignored him as his school falls apart.

He is all alone with only Hank, the large manor and the phantom voices of past. Maybe that’s why he is more bitter and angry. He’s broken from the inside

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I had a really bad day and was wondering if you could write some alex x darwin?

i’m really sorry you had a bad day my friend!  i’m sure tomorrow will be kinder, and if it’s not then well, better days will follow.  here’s some fluff to tide you over, because you deserve to have something nice to read and i’m really grateful that you trust my writing enough to ask for some to cheer you up.

For all that Alex Summers has a little trouble relaxing, when he finally manages it, he’s more than a little bit of a vision.

Tonight, he’s sprawled in the bed of a pickup truck he’d begged Charles to buy ("But we have a jet, Alex.”  ”I want a truck.”  ”Well I suppose it won’t be that much of an expense…”), leather jacket balled up under his head, looking like a dream in his tight blue jeans and tighter white t-shirt, lazy smile as a bottle of beer hangs from his fingertips.

Armando, for his part, is leaning against the side of the truck bed, ostensibly watching the sunset they’d driven out to see.  He has his own beer, even though it won’t do anything to him unless he lets it.

He think he might let it.

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For the ship meme thing, Cherik and/or McDanno :)

Aw thanks babe - love you <3 I think I’m gonna do…


  • makes the bed in the mornings - Definitely Erik. Charles may play the suave british professor but he is a huge slob. Erik on the other hand cannot stand mess and everything has to be in it’s place. Because of this Erik’s side of the room is rather sparse but exceptionally well organised.
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote - Erik… he’s a bit of a control freak… That’s not to say Charles doesn’t try to steal it but Erik is a bit of a cheater and uses his powers to get the remote away from Charles.
  • is the bigger cuddler - Charles. Erik, while he secretly loves cuddles won’t be caught dead cuddling in front of the children so Charles has to sneak cuddles in wherever and whenever he can
  • does the laundry - Erik. Charles says he might as well use his powers for something useful. Erik would have been offended and refused to do it but it’s not like Charles has the mobility anymore since he’s restricted to a wheelchair…
  • mows the lawn - Technically Erik mows the lawn (He’s not even really doing it. He could be reading the paper from Charles’ study and mowing the lawn using his powers…) However the task is occasionally delegated to the children if they get in trouble for some reason…
  • shops for groceries - It’s a family excursion which usually involves some bickering, buying too much food, shopping cart races and usually ends with Erik growling at the children and then delegating tasks. The children then go in search of their assigned item while Erik and Charles wait by the register.
  • comes home drunk at 3am - Erik… but it was only one time when Wanda and Pietro first showed up at the mansion and Erik found out he was a father…
  • makes breakfast - Technically they take turns but it is usually a joint effort. Sean, Alex and Raven help out occasionally. Hank has been banned from helping since the spaghetti incident. Let’s just say there was more blue fur in the spaghetti than bolognese sauce 
  • remembers to feed the fish - There are no fish. If you think they’re willing to take on hordes of mutant children as well as a fish you are horribly mistaken… Plus Sean has a tendency of killing them accidentally…
  • decorates the apartment - Charles. Erik didn’t particularly care for furnishings. He thought they just cluttered up the place. Thus Charles was left in charge of ensuring the Mansion was homely enough for their family. Raven and Hank helped.
  • initiates duets - Charles, but only when he’s drunk. He vehemently denies having done so in the morning. Unfortunately Hank kept video evidence.
  • falls asleep first - Erik actually. Charles often stays up checking each of the children’s minds before he goes to sleep. But then he sleeps like the dead. Erik is the first to wake. Charles could sleep in until noon if they let him.

And there you go - my very own Cherik analysis :D


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