- Break-out -

A headcannon of mine based roughly on the deleted Magneto-and-Bobby-go-save-an-imprisoned-Rogue scene. Instead of Bobby and Magneto, though, I picture present-day Mystique, along with a Nightcrawler cellmate for Rogue. Darkhölm family ftw!


-@demondeepfrier request

“Professor?” you greeted, stepping around the heavy oak door you’d just knocked on. “You asked to see me?”

Professor Xavier of the world’s only school for mutants, looked up from his desk where he seemed to be writing notes about cafeteria meal prices. “Ah, yes, Y/N,” he smiled warmly, gesturing for you to sit down in the chair opposite him. “I did want to see you, it’s about your powers.”

Biting your lip nervously, you sat down in the chair and looked up at him, searching his unreadable face. “What about them, Professor?” you asked innocently.

He eyed you. “I think you already know, Y/N,” he said in that stern but friendly voice of his.

Raising a tentative eyebrow, you mumbled, “Well, I know I’m different to the others…” At Xavier’s encouraging nod, you continued, “They look at me differently, like-like I’m dangerous or something…”

Xavier sighed and nodded, seemingly to himself. “Yes, I’m aware, I’m afraid, of some of the your classmate’s opinions,” he told you. “But, Y/N, that’s why I wanted to talk to you today. You can control the elements, can’t you? And quite extraordinarily as well, I might add.” He smiled at you.

You laughed and returned him a grin. “Yeah, yeah I suppose so,” you admitted.

“But that’s not all, is it, Y/N?” he pressed. You swallowed thickly. “You also have some psychic ability, don’t you?”

Chewing your lip, you refused to look him in the eye and let him carry on.

“I’ve often tried to reach your mind and found that you frequently block me out,” he said, seriously. “Jean, a class 5 mutant, has found the same. Even with her powers, she finds that when you don’t want her to use her powers on you, she cannot. She, and some of her colleagues, have also found that they can feel you in their minds.”

“Professor, I-I only mean to do- to, umm, to err, block people when I don’t want them in my head…and I don’t mean to read their minds, but when they’re lying or-or I’m bored…” you stammered, stumbling gracelessly over your words. “Even when I don’t mean to. A lot of bad shit- crap, umm I mean stuff- has happened to me and when I’m feeling, I don’t know, rough, I just don’t want people routing around in my head.”

The Professor smiled understandingly. “You’re not in any trouble, Y/N. I asked you here today because I want to tell you that the other children look at you in that way because you’re something special,” he told you. “I understand you’ve been taught about the hierarchy of mutant powers? Class one through to five, yes?”

You nodded.

“Well, Y/N, you a class five. At the very highest end as well. That’s very rare; I have only ever taught one other class five mutant and that was Professor Grey. I, myself, am a class five mutant but only just. If I’m honest, I think they only call me a class five because they think brown nosing will stop them from thinking that they’re a five-year-girl for the rest of their lives if ever they upset me,” he chuckled.

You couldn’t help smiling at that. “You really think I’m a class five mutant, Sir?”

Xavier smiled and nodded. “One of the best I’ve ever seen, Y/N, you are truly something special.”

“Thank you, Professor,” you thanked him, a smile you couldn’t suppress spreading across your face.

Getting up to leave, you were just about to slip out of the door when the Professor called, “Oh and, Y/N?”


“It’s best to refrain from looking in my mind,” he advised you, the ghost of a smile playing on his lips. “You know I really can make people think they’re a five-year-old girl for the rest of their lives.”