This weekend @foorayart and I will be launching a GoFundMe campaign page to help us raise a bit of cash for next month’s Rose City Comic Con.
And like most of these campaigns we’ll be offering various types of art work with each tier. These are some examples from the $10 tier, which are 300x300 pixel ‘avatars’ of any character.
So yeo, will definitely make a post this weekend with the link to the GoFundMe page, for those who might be interested in helping us out. (And hey, you can get some cool art from it, heh)
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the saddest thing ever is erik’s face when he turns around and sees that the bullet hit charles


"How… how was Mystique?"

"She was… we were… I could see why she meant so much to you. You should be proud of her, Charles. She’s out there, fighting for our cause."

"YOUR cause. The girl I raised, she was not capable of killing."

"You didn’t raise her. You grew up with her. She couldn’t stay a little girl forever, that’s why she left."

"She LEFT because you got inside her head."

"That’s not my power."