DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

To start, take some cardboard from around the house or get some from a local store that would otherwise throw it out. Then, cut it into as many different shaped elongated triangles that you’d like depending on the number of trees you desire. Then, take a utility knife and carefully cut slits into the cardboard cut out wherever you’d like a light to pop through. Take a strand of Christmas lights and push each individual bulb through one of the slits.

Voila! Plug them in and lean them against a wall for a contemporary shaped Christmas tree that friends will never believe you did yourself.

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DIY Christmas Decorations for apartment life / mini tree … Here’s what I did :
1. The tree is pretty short so I wanted to put it on some type of table , instead of that , I asked my local dollar store if they had any extra empty boxes which they did , so I just used some wrapping paper and wrapped them like gifts 🎁 and put the tree on top . Boxes were free and wrapping paper was 3.00 for 3 rolls 👍 . Instead of a normal Xmas Tree garland I used a small red ribbon (1.00) 🎋 .. We got some cheap ornaments from the dollar store as well (2 boxes for 1.00 each) and just used some spray glue and glitter that I already had . We sprayed the ornaments and dipped them into red and silver glitter 😍 instead of using traditional silver hooks to hang the ornaments I used some small rope I already had as well to give it more of an earthy feel 🎄 I lost my grandma to cancer last year so instead of using a traditional tree topper , I made a cancer ribbon using some candy peppermint candy ribbon from the dollar store as well (1.00) I also used this ribbon to wrap a round piece of foam to make the wreath . I used a glue gun to attach some extra small ornaments and Christmas stuff from the 1.00 store . The entire wreath cost me about 6 bucks . 🎅 Then using some wood clothes pins (1.00) and some metal wire from the craft store (3.00) I made a “garland” . I spray painted the pins white , and clipped some small stockings (50 cents each) and Xmas cards (50 cents each) to it . So grand total for all this was about 20 bucks 👍 .. If you guys have any questions let me know ! I’d be glad to help 🎄 #diy #christmas #diychristmasdecor #xmasdecor #crafts

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In between all the holiday preparations, I painted some Christmas nails!! Inspired by some fun dog-themed wrapping paper I found!! I used all @zoyanailpolish polishes in Tilda & Kittridge from the Tickled collection, Willa from the Holiday Wishes collection, Purity, and Carmen! ❤️🎄🎅🎁 #nails #nailpolish #dogs #dogsofinstagram #wreaths #Christmas #christmasdecoration #xmas #xmasdecor #thedailynailblog #thedailynail