Exo reaction when their kid says that he/she wants to be just like them when they grow up

Sehun:*daddy’s to happy to use words to express it*

Kai: You want to be just like daddy? THHIS IS SO GREAT….wait we need to take you to ballet lessons

Tao:*his kid starts to imitate his daddy’s dance moves* Omg you are so cute. I need to film this so mommy can see it 


Kid: When I grow up i wanna be just as great as you daddy!

You think that I’m great in what I do?daddy likes that thought

Chanyeol:* daddy gets surprised by his son confession* 

Chen: Everyone wants to be just as great as the chensing machine.

Baekhyun: Come here you little one, you just made daddy the happiest guy on earth

Lay: Kid: Daddy is the best dancer in the whole world and I wanna be just liek you.

*gets all flustered*

Suho: Kido I’ve trained for 7 years day and night to be this great  are you sure you are strong enough to take it?

Kris: You’re sill a little angel, you have a long way ahead of you baby to think what you wanna do.

Luhan: What? but yesterday you said you wanted to be a football player

Xiumin: Daddy likes what he hears.

1. Xiumin

*And here I thought this was my own life…*

2. Luhan

"What’s wrong with her being foreign?!"

3. Kris

"Hey…uuh…let me just elaborate…I am Chinese, who lived in Canada, then went to work in Korea…so where is the problem with having a foreign girlfriend?"

4. Suho

"I was hoping we’d all get along…"

5. Lay

"Oh, sorry, what? Can’t hear you over how awesome my girlfriend is…"

6. Baekhyun

"Wait, you should be happy! I am learning a new language!"

7. Chen

"Are you the one dating her? No! So it’s not your problem, right?"

8. Chanyeol

"Wait, mom, why are you like this? Dad will back me up on that one, right?….Right?….Dad…."

*feeling betrayed*

9. D.O.

"And what happened with 'be open-minded, Kyungsoo'?…I thought so…”

10. Tao

"No, no, you’re doing the supporting-thing wrong. You’re supposed to say 'That's amazing, son!' and 'Good job!'…”

11. Kai

"Of course I’m going to listen to you….not."

12. Sehun

"OK, that didn’t go the way I expected it to…"


I hope you liked that, wooo

[Totally Confirmed] For the past month and a half, Sehun has been avoiding the other members in the dorm, hiding out in his room. After hearing Xiumin and Chen declare that they wouldn't date him if they were girls, he was initially enraged. Any girl would "be so lucky" as to "date a red-blooded man" like himself, he lamented in a text to Baekhyun. (Baekhyun is reported to have just replied, "Do you think Minseok was indirectly asking me out? Because he didn't say he WOULDN'T date me.") However, once Minseok returned home, he explained to Sehun that he just didn't think Sehun "liked girls". Sehun ranted for several minutes about how his Dream Girl and how much of a GIRL she was and wow such girl very female. Chen bluntly shouted from the kitchen that everyone knew Sehun's Dream "Girl" was Luhan, and that he really should know better than to habitually misgender his own friends. Sehun then buried his face in his hands and after what sources tell us was an "extended silence" Sehun confessed that he might maybe possibly be attracted to men. Maybe. But just some men! #notallmen!

Source: 최종적으로

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When EXO catches you dancing in front of the mirror to one of their songs. -cutie anon

A/N: Sure thing! Thanks for asking, cutie, and I hope you enjoy <3


Xiumin: *watches you in awe*

Luhan: Look at how cute she- and she just tripped.

Kris: Ah… what am I going to do with you?

Suho: Really, Y/N? You had to pick that dance to do?

Lay: Whoa, she’s not that bad.

Baekhyun: *joins you, mainly to make fun of you* 

Chen: I don’t even know what to say.

Chanyeol: Ah, stop being so cute!

D.O.: I don’t think you’re doing the Tree of Life right, sweetie…

Tao: She’s even rapping my part! 

Kai: Oh yes, let’s get down, jagiya!

Sehun: You’re dancing to my song?!



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HEY! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Can you do Exo's reaction to you being incredibly scared and anxious about a huge exam or competition?

Thanks for the request sweetie! <3
Hope you like it! <3

Xiumin: *Hugs you* Don’t worry baby you’ll do great.

*Waits for you outside of your school the day of the exam* So how did it go baby?

Alright… I’ll help you with the math…. What is this?

If you pass… I’ll give you my card for three hours at X Mall.. Bribery always works…

Don’t worry baby. You studied so much for this. I’m sure you’ll do great. *Gives you a good luck kiss*

*Thinking of ways to help you* Math? No, she’s better at math then me….

*Gives you an encouraging speech* Listen Y/N. You will do great so don’t be nervous. I am sure you’ll pass! 

Where are you going? We need to study biology. 

You’ll do great. Just remember to write the teachers name in the little black book I gave you, just under the encircled star. 

Y/N: *Whispers in Tao’s ear* If I pass… I won’t let you sleep…

Y/N… I heard there was going to be biology on the test… We should study

You passed! Your name is right there… see Y/N.