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the organization reacting to their s/o putting their cold feet on them

THE WORST THING EVER but i do it all the time lol

Xemnas: He would groan, and push his s/o’s feet away with his own feet. He would then suggest for them to wrap their feet up in a blanket, or wear fuzzy socks to bed.

Xigbar: He would push his s/o away from him, and would shake his head once they kept trying to get closer to him. He would soon give into his s/o, and would let them steal his warmth.

Xaldin: He would furrow his brows, then sigh as his s/o curled up into his side. “You should get another blanket if you’re that cold..

Vexen: He wouldn’t react at first, but would smirk and even laugh a little once he put his much colder feet on his s/o’s legs. 

Lexaeus: He wouldn’t make a big deal over it. He would grunt at first, but would accept their feet being there.

Zexion: His facial expression would show shock, and he would turn to his partner and ask them “Why are you doing that?

Saix: He would push his partner’s feet away, and just tell them to stop. If his partner put their feet on him again, then he would throw a pillow at them.

Axel: He would let out a loud high pitched shriek, and fall off the side of the bed. He would threaten to push his partner off the side of the bed if they did it again, but his s/o wouldn’t hear him due to their own loud laughter.

Demyx: He would slowly move away from their feet, and would keep moving away if they kept moving their feet closer. He would most likely fall off the bed on accident while trying to avoid his partner’s feet.

Luxord: He would laugh at his partner’s attempt, and would push their feet away. If they tried again, he would keep pushing them away and would eventually sleep inside a cocoon of blankets.

Marluxia: He would also wrap himself in a cocoon of blankets, and would smirk as his partner complained about how cold it was. brutal af

Larxene: She would warn her s/o to stop, and would threaten to push them off the bed if they touched her again with their feet. 

Roxas: He would push their feet away from him at first, but would then sigh as they whined about how cold they were. In the end, he would throw multiple blankets at his s/o until they stopped their cruel ways.

Xion: This angel would let her s/o steal her warmth. She would ask them if she should turn the heat up, or if she should get more blankets. protect xion 2k15

i was drawing a lot of good morning akushi sketches this morning and i thought, hey, what if axel actually had really curly hair? 

oh man i actually have so many hair headcanons about these three i might do something about it later, like their morning processes??

i know i tweet about Roxas’s hair a lot — i’m pretty sure i tweeted his whole routine once, and i think??? i’ve talked about Ax doin the dye thing?? but I can’t remember but oh man yeah, so many hair headcanons uwu


As for the others some of them I’ve never seen with books so I can only guess.  All of us seem to enjoy differing manga and other books.  I’ve seen Vexen with science books a lot.  He has this one “Chemical Compounds for Chaos” that makes me a bit concerned at times.  Dolphin boy likes his books about fish and music.  Luxord’s had a few books on card tricks and magic I’ve seen.  It might explain how he’s so adept at using his hands.  Roxas was such a vegetable when he first got here we gave him “ABC’s for Nobodies” as a joke, but he’s also got this Soup for the Soul or something book.  
Marluxia has too many gardening and flower books.  I’m sure he has other things too if you can find them amongst the planttopia he’s created in his room.  Xaldin’s got some bad ass cook books and deep stuff as well.  Namine keeps artbooks around since she does that whole art thing.  Xion has a book of seashell pictures she was working on one day in the grey area.  She also had a book like Roxas’ soup book.  I guess it’s to help them figure out their teenage emotions and stuff.
Axel as most of us know has a bunch of manga and those ‘not for small eyes’ magazines we had to ‘take care of’ a while back.  I think I’ve seen Xemnas with some thick novels on occasion, I mean he did name his rabbit Bilbo so it’s probably a sign he reads those things regularly.   Xigbar abuses sci fi books for ideas for his abilities I think.  Though sometimes it works out for the best when we team up for a prank.   As for me….
I like a bit of everything really.  Lately I’ve gotten into these adult novels about Sleeping Beauty and some poetry.  This Baudelaire guy’s got some good shit.  I like some stuff by Poe as well.  His story The Cask of Amontillado is really interesting.  Quite the inspiring idea.

okay but what if there was a xion data battle in kh 2.5

you just walk right through the wall next to roxas’s door in the garden of assemblage and wind up in a data battle with xion, but the data is all glitched out and corrupted. her attacks include a pixelly version of ragnarok and noclipping up through the floor to attack you.