Happy Valentines Day lovies. Know that I’m always wishing the best for you, thinking about you, missing you, and hoping everything is going well, even though I don’t message as often as I should; it’s never because I don’t want to talk to you, it’s because I’m a forgetful shit who gets distracted to a fault. So on this special day—though you deserve to hear this every day and I can never say it enough—I want you to remember: you are beautiful, shining souls who soothe the pain of days gone bad, with your love and wit and strength. Thank you. Love you. Bless you.

xflora asked:

O, V, W :)! En Darlene, ik vind je nog steeds een geweldig persoon, ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat :D! We hebben al lang niet meer gesproken ^^ xx!

Oh hey Floor!! Lang niet gesproken inderdaad. Beetje te lang misschien. Mij gaat wel goed, hoe is het met jou?

O - If I like my school.
I do now yes, since I transferred to another school, I like school more and love photography again. So yeah I like my school. (:

V - 3 big dreams.

  1. Having a good carrier, earning my money with Photography.
  2. Living in London after graduation.
  3. Travel around the world

W - An idol.
Emma Watson, Pixie Lott & Selena Gomez

xflora asked:

Top 5: DREW-moments

1. BTS of the harmony dance
3. When Emma says how sexy Dan is in the details magazine photoshoot
4. Last day of filming when Emma pushes the chair to try + get to Dan
5. Everytime they held eachother’s hands (poa premiere)

There are many more but obviously it’s only the top 5 :) x


Exactly :)! And happy for him to have a “quite large” girlfriend again, haha :P I’m glad he’s happy.

Only think that’s bothering me though: WHO IS HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND! I’m dying to know. But Daniel will introduce her to us when he’s ready :)