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Can we just picture Mulder standing by himself at Scully's funeral and he can't even cry he's so distraught. He spends the next few days tracking down CSM and the Syndicate and making plans and then he writes Margaret Scully a letter and he's just like "I'm so sorry". And then he goes to Scully's grave and he sits down in the dirt and cries for the first time and tells her he's going to kill them all and then he's going to join her. "I'll see you soon, Scully," he whispers through choked sobs.

his teeth have become increasingly stained because of how much coffee he drinks during the day. he often goes without lunch because when he does, he has to walk by that stupid diner they always went to across the street.

at night, when he can’t see clearly anymore because his eyes burn from tiredness, he takes long drives to avoid going home. when he does, he remembers the way the red of her hair used to contrast the stark black leather of his couch when she dozed off after a long day’s work. every time he opens the refrigerator, he remembers he really should throw away the carton of all-natural organic lemonade she bought for him the last time she was over (iit’s more than a month past its expiration date). he hates getting dressed in the morning because her tiny pumps are still next to his old dress shoes in the closet (she always left them there in case of an emergency). 

he feels trapped by his memories everywhere he goes, and he has convinced himself that he deserves it, that it serves him right. he doesn’t mind so much anymore. it means he has to stay in the office longer, working that much harder to find the men who did this to her. he will not rest until he does. 

Tumblr Crush Thursday!

Shout out to my favorites this week:

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Definitely some of my favorites on my crushes and my “biggest fans” lists this week. If you haven’t checked out any of these guys or gals yet, you should definitely take a peek. They’re all pretty much A+ individuals with amazing blogs.

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Now that Halloween and autumn are right around the corner, would you be able to give recs on some witchy and spooky blogs for the season?

I’m actually looking for some o’ that myself, as a lot of the blogs I used to follow died out, or our tastes diverged. 75% of the people I follow are my friends, but I’d like more aesthetic/inspiration on my dash, especially when I feel so in need of any scrap of inspiration I can get these days.

 a few I love already though—

D͖̻͉̞̰͠ͅe͓͇̲̥̗̳T̸͚Ȩ̞̭̠̬̳̟ͅc͖̞̤͚̹T̹̯̤̯͝I̳̦̭̞͖̕ͅV̻̰̝̬ͅe̡͖̬̭͖̣̙'͍̤͓̥͎S̨ ̜̤f̱͈͇͠A͉͈̳T̝͚̦̥͈͎Ẹ̞̭̺̞ || xFJustice



      It seemed like all the failures were together at the same point of the map. Though one little thing was able to escape to other's parts, but he was already taking care of it. After all, Slender could be at more than one place at the same time. This girl in specific was an interesting one, he wouldn't lie. But she didn't play her part as she was meant to, and now her body belonged to him to do as he pleases, just like the other two.

                   h̛aVę ͞y͡ou h̛e͘A̴Rd̵ ͜I͝t, ͠n͟aOTÓ.͠.̴.͜ Y̴óU Ar҉E̶ ͝t̷He̴ ̸Next͢.

      Soon any kind of light that she could see disappeared, she was left alone in the darkness. The good thing about the darkness was that you could try using it to your favor, hiding and being almost sure that you enemy hadn't seen where you went. The bad thing about it was that you also couldn't see what was coming, neither what to expect. And this darkness that was placed around her was an aggressive one. She had no friends, no sense of security, just that strange sound and the feeling that something was crawling next to her, like a predator circling it's prey.

                      Ņa̸-̴ơ-To..̕.͞ yo͜u ̴H͠A̕ve ̶b̡E͝En f҉Ou͜ND gU͏I͞Lty̨.

   His laughter echoed through the area, and she could feel it now, more then ever. Slender was there, he was there to capture her. To toy with her and then kill her.

             TEl̡L̕ me͏,̶ ̶ńa̡oT҉o҉.̧.̨. ͜H̷a͜ve̸ yÒu S̡E̛Én͢ ͠mY lIT̴tLe҉ s̢H̢ow?͜

   The detective heard that just so close, almost a whisper on her ear.

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