In the right element § (Closed, Remy)


It was an unusually hot day, so Charles had sent his students, and teachers, to the lake to relax, and do some training there. He himself couldn’t go as the road to the lake wasn’t finished yet, so there was really no way to transport him there. But this was something he was used to by now.

So he had decided to sit outside by the pool, under a large parasol, book in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other, just enjoying the peace. There were few, too few, moments like these when he could just relax and do nothing, and that without hearing any thoughts in the background. Everything was silent for once. Not that this place was empty, no, Remy was still there, but Charles couldn’t hear his thoughts and most of the time he was glad he couldn’t. One less voice to crowd around him.

He looked up from the book then the other mutant appeared. “I sometimes forget how peaceful this place can be,” he said with a smile and closed the book, now focusing on Remy instead. “Also, it’s good you appeared. I’ll need your help with something,” he paused for a second, thinking this over one more time. He trusted Remy enough for this, so he knew it was going to be okay, but that didn’t keep him from being nervous. “Would you mind helping me into the pool?” he asked, knowing he would have to undress first, and he wasn’t exactly looking forward to that, but it would be worth it if he could get into the water.