Mekameka Network!

People who like KagePro are all welcome! Let’s cry over dead kids together! We can all become those cheesy close friends like in movies and talk and cry and stuff!

Wow if you are from xeshir’s live streams and we know each other you get bonus points. 


What is this?

  • A place where you get to meet people JUST LIKE YOU AND ME
  • You could meet new friends because were all cool and memes.
  • we all like kagepro
  • talk about kagepro and our favorite characters and ships ^^
  • We can all follow/talk/be friends with each other
  • some skyping or kik chats?? 
  • we can even help each other with fanfictions and edits wowza


  • Must be a fan of kagepro/MCA/know kagepro material/watched MCA
  • Be NICE
  • Be sorta-active and hang with us
  • Reblog so people can see this please. 
  • Track #mekamekanet for updates

How to join?

A first rough sketch in a series of character requests for a PnP group. Xeshir the Zebra. Probably going to redraw this still before the final version. Trying to figure out how exactly I want to draw Zebras different from ponies apart from the stripes.

1 of 5 characters.