Taiwan category sales volume was in decline. To increase condom purchases we needed to remind our young audience of the risks of unprotected sex —task effectively done in other markets via sampling.

Given the cultural taboos in Taiwan, regular promoters in the streets were not being able to achieve the daily contact goals. We had to find a new and more effective way to get our products into the consumer hands to start conversations.

In average a street promoter handed out 23 samples an hour while “Xerud” handed out an average of 77. Most importantly we’ve softened inhibitions and started meaningful conversations.


Durex: Xerud the lover’s fortuneteller

Durex保險套公司近期在台灣做了一個活動, 做了一台Xerud戀愛算命機, 使用前先許願, 接下來裡面的女郎會幫你算算看, 再拿出掉下來的籤, 它會告訴你運勢, 相當有趣.

由於Durex已經有相當的知名度, 此活動一方面推廣安全性行為更刺激買氣, 這舉動想必能吸引更多消費者的目光, 本機器在台北各大夜店酒吧都有放置, 有興趣的朋友可以去玩玩看喔!


Xerud the lover’s fortuneteller (by 8055faceoff)