Excitement in Pokemon X #2
  • PHEW! What an exciting turn of events in X :D
  • Just as I had beaten all the scientists guarding Xerneus' tree, the legend himself decides to break out and make an entrance!
  • But luckily I was able to weaken it and capture it ^^
  • But then, wouldn't you know it, old crazy head Lysandre comes in sporting an over the top mechanical arm device on his back. Says he is going to use Mega Evolution against me! This guy just doesn't give up...
  • But luckily with Xerneus on my team, I was able to Moon Blast (save for having to bring out my Delphox to take care of Pyroar) everything to oblivion. And then Mega Gyarados came out! Thank goodness its mega turns it into Dark/Water, else I wouldn't have been able to Moon Blast it again ^^'
  • I know it was cheap to put Xerneus in my team! But I wanted it to feel epic. And plus I'm planning to write a comic on Yosei's adventures, and I wanted it to feel like Xerneus wanted to help.
  • Anyway, Lysandre still wouldn't give up, and ultimately blew himself up along with the ultimate weapon OO
  • Just as the rivals left, AZ turns up again (it's obvious who he is now :3 ) Will he find his Pokémon? And who is this Emma person I've heard about?
  • Find out next time! :D