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Gaming with Xenn - Level 9

Last night I played Diablo 3 for a good 4 hours straight…


Diablo 3 - I got my Demon Hunter through NM and I’m now in hell. How hard was Diablo on NM for me? HAHAHAHA! With the weapon I found with my monk, which I will show in the pic below, it boosted my DPS from around 2.8k to 15.8k. I had to grind a bit to level, but I dominated Diablo easily. I’m looking forward to destroying Hell with my OP weapon for my level!

 The other weapon in the pic was my old weapon. Demon Hunter Level 51 with 15.8k DPS

Gaming with Xenn - Level 12


Sorry, I’ve been super busy with school and having my laptop’s hard drive be crushed(don’t ask). T_T But mostly, I’ve been playing some D3 since 1.0.5 came out, I was playing a TON of Sims 3, then my laptop got destroyed, but I was rolling in da money on that save. =T Playing LoL still too! I’m using my old desktop from home to be able to function now. That week of no computer was HELL.


LoL - Level 28 summoner woo! 2 more to go! Playing on my desktop is weird now and I’m rusty after not playing for 2-3 weeks now.

Sims 3 - Might play again, but I won’t have that save file -_-.

Diablo 3 - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! I BEAT INFERNO!!!!! I guess without Monster Power, the Acts got super easy, or I geared up really well, I don’t know, but I went midway through Act 3 and all the Bosses were a walk in the park. I was worried about Iskatu in the beginning of Act IV since I ALWAYS had a super tough time with him in NM and Hell. But Act IV was a breeze cept for a couple elites, and Diablo went down 1st try. LoH is all you need for him really. I just sat there and hit him. =P I now have about 11m gold (Used some left over IRL money on my B.Net account to buy 8m gold or something. I’m getting some decent drops, but nothing amazing so far. Now I just have to level my Paragon level which is now level 7 with my monk, and ½ way to level 1 with my DH. I hope to get some epic drops and gear up my monk to beat Diablo on MP 1 or 2 soon!



-Nombre Original: Amos Diggory
-Pertenece a la Casa de Hufflepuff
-Lealtad Neutral
-Sangre Pura
-Es alegre, amable y amistoso
-Su mejor amigo es Xenn Loven
-Se ha adaptado bastante bien a esta época
-Es hijo único en su “familia”
-Es muy inteligente y carismático aunque ligeramente arrogante
-No recuerda nada de su pasado, mas se siente ligeramente incómodo al ver a Cedric
-Es un estudiante muy aplicado, premio anual de 7 junto con Susan Longbottom
-No recuerda nada de la distorsión del tiempo
-Esta enamorado secretamente de Charlotte Gray
-Tiende a entrar en el grupo de James S. Potter y Fred Weasley II
-Su boggart es la muerte de un extraño chico de cabello cobrizo, no lo entiende

-Zach Roerig

-17 años



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Gaming with Xenn - Level 11

My free time now mostly consists of Diablo 3, LoL, Ping Pong, and Cards…

So yeah… After a 5-hour essay today, I was ready to kill stuff.


Diablo 3 - 1.0.4!!!!! PARAGON SYSTEM! So Level 2 Paragon with my monk, and I’m just trying out Act 3 again now that some skills have been buffed. I killed Ghom and stopped. The levels before him are SOOOO ANNOYING! If I died(Which happened a lot) I’d have to walk for about 2-3 minutes to get back to where I was, only to die again because of the stupid fallen explody guys… -_- But I’m enjoying 1.0.4 so far. With my build I can just burst down Elites in Act 1. Blinding Light with the 30% damage rune, Mantra of Conviction with the 48% damage rune, then SSS with the 2100 something%  and BOOM, around 900,000 to 1,000,000 damage which kills almost all Elites in Act 1. My DH is just gearing up a bit, has 34k DPS now.

LoL - Just a lot of matches… Losing most of them because my team would be stupid. Even with a 16 2 6, we lost because my team fed everybody… Most matches are really close though.

Gaming with Xenn - Level 10


Flew through Hell like it was nothing with my DH. I got to level 60 before facing Azmodan in Hell, so when I leveled, I put on some lvl 60 gear that was left over from my monk’s old gear and boosted her up. I got 4 achievements from that one Azmodan battle. XD I beat Act 1 Inferno without to much trouble. It was mainly lag that killed me in important fights. It really only took 3 attempts to kill the butcher, but lag killed me about 5 times. -_- Anyways, I will continue gearing my DH to take on Act 2!

Gaming with Xenn - Level 8

Been awhile huh? Sorry! Just haven’t had a lot of time and have have been getting ready for college! Speaking of which, I got a new laptop, which I am writing this post on! I’m downloading all of my current games from my computer to this laptop, which takes awhile. I already have Minecraft, Diablo 3(Which took about 10 hours to download), and League of Legends. I’m currently downloading Skyrim. Not sure what is next on my list of games, but I’ll figure it out.

Time for Updates!

Minecraft - OMG 1.3.1!!!!!! I’ve been playing loads of MC lately with a friend and doing Single Player. I started a new world on my laptop, even though I transferred all of my old saves onto this computer. It’s strange that I’m finding more Emerald than Diamond. =/ My next goal is to find an NPC village to trade! So far, no luck! I want to play on my main save, but that would require me trading data back and forth if I wanted to play on my normal computer. I get too much XP now from mining now too =P

LoL - Been playing this still a lot. Finally got level 12 summoner so I have flash, which has saved me a couple times and when I get used to it, maybe I can get some extra kills with it! I bought I skin for Ashe, forget the name, but she’s blonde now! =D I also picked up Graves to use if ever Ashe gets taken before me when choosing champions.

Diablo 3 - I’m now up to 4.8m gold, which for me is quite excellent! My Demon Hunter is now Level 40, in the middle of Act 2 NM. For my laptop, I got the Steel Series D3 Mouse that has all sorts of buttons to use for spells. I’m trying to get used to it, but it will take awhile before I am really comfortable using my right hand to click buttons on the mouse for SHIFT and dodge abilities.

Skyrim - Needs to get back into this soon, but… MINECRAFT. 0_0 I might play some when it finishes downloading. I want to see how well it plays on my new Laptop! I can easily boost the graphics up a bit on D3. I can play on some High settings and have no lag! Woo hoo! Hopefully it will be the same thing for Skyrim!

Gaming with Xenn - Level 7

Wow, I’ve been busy busy busy! Anyways, here’s some updates.

Minecraft - I bought my friend Minecraft for her Birthday and we played till 2am on a server doing shenanigans.

Diablo 3 - 30 minutes ago, I cleared Act 2 Inferno! I killed a few things in act 3 and got stopped on an elite pack. But the first thing I killed in Act 3 dropped a Radiant Star Gem plan worth 3.6mil! Woot!

Perfect World - I started playing this MMO again. It’s been awhile and I rolled a new character, an elf Archer. Only level 21 right now and I need to do the first dungeon for the Spiritual Quest stuff. I hate finding people for that.

Pokemon White - Beat Cynthia, haha I wasn’t expecting her to be in this game. =P I’m using AR to give a 2x EXP bonus so training goes a little faster and I don’t have to waste 5 hours leveling up all my Pokemon, only about 2 hours to level up some. Still wish I had a Japanese Ditto to start the Masuda Method, but Nintendo Wi-fi sucks… no, Norton sucks, because it blocks access no matter what I do. -_-

Gaming with Xenn - Level 5

Another day off and tomorrow! Woot Woot!


Diablo 3 - I still really hate Act 2 Inferno. I need to change my gear to crit gear, but I’m too lazy and probably don’t have the money for it. So I played more of my DH and got into Act 2 NM. She is level 37 has 1.3k dps and 3k Life, I swept through Act 1 pretty easily. Almost all of my gear on her has some sort of exp boost on it, so I have +62 exp per kill and a 21% exp in her helm. I want to get to level 60 much faster. I’m not sure what most people’s level is in Act 2 NM, but whatever, I should be around 1-2 levels higher.

Skyrim - More Archery/Mage training. Luckily found an enchanted orc bow at level 6, so that’s been really nice, just 1-shotting bandits and skeletons from sneak shots. =D

Pokemon White - About to get the 8th Gym badge, shouldn’t be too hard with my level 55 Emboar. ;) Other 2 main Pokemon are at levels 44 and 43. I’m exp sharing a lower level Lightning type to get in closer to level 45 where the Elite four will be at.

Gaming with Xenn - Level 4

Updates Updates Updates!

D3 - I used the RMAH and bought a weapon with high LoH… Bad mistake, wasn’t hardly even worth it. The way my build is set up, my dps isn’t too high and almost any champion pack with molten/fire-chain/electric destroy me in Act 2, even with 700 resists… Trying to switch my dex/res gear into Crit gear is going to be difficult.

Skyrim - Killed a giant with my level 4. That was fun. I’m gonna try to go for a range/mage build and use 1h weps as little as possible. Being sneaky also helps a lot. I’m probably going to afk train sneak for awhile to get some levels.