talking to my best friend about a girl she know who still goes on Xenga
  • BF:that's smart, no one goes on here anymore so she can post whatever she wants and know one will know
  • Me:yea but we know, she should just get a tumblr that's what normal people do
  • BF:no its cool to not have a tumblr
  • Me:...
  • Me:(internally screaming)
  • Me:"no its cool to not have a tumblr" (reverberating around my head one million times)
  • Me:...
  • Me:I guess I am really uncool then

Someone in one of my classes just walked by me in the library, and she was like “Wait, are you on Tumblr?” And I was like ” … yes” and shes like “I have one, too” and then she said that at some point Tumblr won’t be cool and I said that Tumblr will always be cool because I believe that us weirdos will stick together and not let Tumblr die out like MySpace and Xenga.

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"Hi! you must be that new kid I keep hearing about…i’m Xenga and this is my boyfriend Deadmourne, and before you ask, no he’s obviously not a regular mudokon, he’s of a different breed called the Demudokons, there’s only 2 left of his kind, but anyway, we’re both very excited to meet you.


*Xenga gets closer to Ska putting her mouth to his ear* 

"It’s not you by the way, it’s him, he’s always like this, try not to let it bother you.."

The 2 of them looked over at the 3 muds, but neither of them looked very thrilled to see them, they looked genuinely worried, her tattered apron and strange 4 slashed scar on her leg made Xenga look even more suspicious..

"Xander? Talo? Zal?…It’s been awhile hasn’t it?.."

"If you couldn’t tell, were not exactly in the best position for a friendly reunion right now, but it is good to see the 3 of you again..especially you, Xander"

"Yes….we heard a rumor you were dead!, It’s a relief to see you’re O.K."