Are You Paying Attention A&E?

We have Gay and Bi Pirates

Bi Vikings



Children’s Cartoon Characters

Cheer Leaders


What!  I Forgot a Couple…

Amazons…Too obvious?

And an Assassin and a Hacker

See Anything Missing?  

An Evil Queen and a Savior Perhaps?

I Thought of a few more…

A Cop and a Principal…aka soccer moms

And, Lest we Forget….some pioneers….Just an interjection here…I tried to stick to MAIN characters in REAL relationships, not sideshow-jokes-shock value type or killed-the-next-episode or stereotypes-just-for-laughs type roles and not shows strictly ABOUT being gay or lesbian (L Word, Queer as Folk) I am happy to say I found more then I expected…but, the further in the past the more difficult…with a few notable exceptions…gifs not mine…

Controversial Lawyers

Neurotic Bookstore Owner and Reporter

Can you Think of Any More?


Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show