tbh i think hufflepuffs are the ones most likely to truly and utterly fuck someone/shit up, and that’s one of the reasons why it really bothers me when people say hufflepuff is the lame, tamed, leftovers house. like, hufflepuff is the house of the just, loyal, and honest, that’s what they value above all, so i’m beyond sure that if someone betrayed those values MOST hufflepuffs would either be all over or kind of discard those people -  most wouldn’t not be kind or understanding or walk on egg shells. if you talk shit you will get hit (or called out). what’s more, those traits can mean so much and so many different things to so many people because we all have different ideas of what’s fair/right and we are loyal to different ideals/religions/people/concepts.. plus, honesty is a great trait but it can also potentially instigate trouble bc that’s what usually happens when people are brutally honest. so i only agree wih those hcs about hufflepuffs always being super friendly and kind and how they have the warmest, chilest common room to a degree bc yeah tolerance and patience are traits of the hufflepuff house (thank god or else i don’t even know, it would be insanity), but they aren’t the house’s main traits, and i firmly believe that a real fight/argument between huffepuffs with strong believes is something out of this fucking world and you can’t get between them or break up a fight/argument because if you do most will (9 times out of 10 unintentionally) rip your face off in the process.