cat-in-the-dark asked:

So since you're so awesome at making gifs, especially The Good Wife ones, do you think you could gifs of the scene from "The Death Zone" where Eli asks Kalinda "How have we never met before!?" As someone once put it, these two together = world domination, so those gifs would be so fun to see! :)

YAY! Hi there! Thanks so much! :) I totally agree. Eli and Kalinda rule together, and I hope they team up again soon. I GIFed the scene you’re referring to, here & here. Hope that’s what you had in mind. ;)


Since you’re so good at making gifs, do you think you could make ones of the scene where Bailey stops the elevator to give Derek a moment in 2x06 and where Derek does the same for Bailey in 6x02? I just thought those were such sweet moments.

Yes, of course I could :)