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I was kinda gutted when I saw the video. But it is fine. I hope that it goes well for you honestly. It is a chance to get things back on track and you both make great videos and people love you guys. I hope you manage to make work. :)

Well, I thought that Crystal wanted to make a completely new channel, so I’m not sure if I actually want to continue with TY, it’s obviously not gonna work again, I reckon.

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Honey do whatever you want, I for one am fine with this. But if you don’t want to hurt the others you can’t go behind their backs about this.

I think Robin will probably be disappointed, so I need to tell him. And Heloise won’t care one bit I think :P

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Sadly I just haven’t had time. I really want to but with life and uni issues I just haven’t had time in which to make a video. I suck. But summer isn’t too far away so I hope to make some then. I miss youtube!!! D:

Oh, that sucks :(. I understand though, I don’t have much time either and when I do, I’m too exhausted to make videos. But yay for summer break :)