About four hours ago, I discovered in my opinion to be one of the greatest finds in Borderlands. While playing the Claptastic Voyage, I was attempting to do the EGO-TP side quest when I mis-judged a gap and was starting to fall to my death.

In an attempt to save myself I air jumped and managed to land on the lip of another ledge directly below it. When you land on this ledge, there is no way back-up accept to fall to your doom. However, if you turn around like I did…you’ll notice a red chest.

I have no idea if this is a gaurenteed spawn or if it was completely random but this shield was in the chest. At first glance, thats aren’t spectacular but it’s only when you actually equip the shield that you discover its significance.

This legendary, is a memorial to Robin Williams.

When you equip the shield, it screams “Good evening *insert character name*!” It will also say various other things in his voice when you take damage or the shields are depleted. The shield will also bid you farewell if you de-equip it.

I don’t know for sure, but I believe I’m the first person to find it. I will try and post a video to Youtube so that everyone else can find it. In the mean time, here is my Xbox 360 gamertag. If you are interested in finding it please feel free to message me:


Awesome job by Gearbox and an awesome way to remember the late Robin Williams!