xbeccyx said: Generally, bowls should be accessed from any side. Is the dog finicky? I had this problem with Porthos Roseland, I bought a crap bowl for him, but because he was finicky… He wouldn’t eat from it. -_- Just a theory ;)

Nope, she does eat from her bowl (as do all the other pets), but after she’s done so, or after a sim has refilled it, it’s automatically turned so it faces the wall, and they can’t reach the bowl anymore. For Agnes I solved it by turning the bowl sideways, so that it won’t face the wall even if it’s turned 180 degrees.

I have had problems with Porthos in a different game, though, so that’s interesting…

These are according to the post not new, but just a compilation of the creator’s recolors of meshes that aren’t their own. I don’t know what you think, but I think this is pure gold for those who loves neon- and bright-colored clothing ;)