Today marked the first of the few lasts that my batch will be encountering this year.

Swimming carnivals were never really fun for the first 5 years: you sit there, watch people swim laps, eat, sit, sweat under the intense rays of the sun, people splash water on you.. but as a Year 12, you get to have all the fun you want. Dressing up, walking around without having to be told to go back to your house areas, messing around with teachers.. ahhh the joy. 

The other day I tweeted my dilemma about the costume. I found one! My friend, Natalie, really wanted to go as Tinkerbell so we both thought to go as a pair; I ended up being Peter Pan. So many thought I was Robin Hood, though. Either way, I couldn’t care less cos I just had heaps of fun today. :-)  And gee, the heat just made it even harder to keep my focus on given the conditions–by the pool… If anyone knows what I mean…haha

Fact: I can’t swim so I only did one event, Water Polo. (I can tread water, but only for a while haha)

Run Jazzy Run (Athletics Carnival)

Today was another last day for my batch. We had our last Athletics Carnival which has been a ritual of ours for 6 years. As a Year 12, they also let us dress up this day like they did for the Swimming Carnival back in February(which I also posted photos of). My girls and I decided to dress up as Military girls kasi mga te wala ng ibang mapagpipilian sa costume shop! haha aarte pa ba kami?

I look loaded on bullets. Some teachers thought it was real, which hello, paano kaya yan magiging totoo eh parang illegal naman yata na may bitbit kami na mga bala sa school event. Haha. Anyway, underneath that brownish pullover is a blank singlet that I wore most of the day as it got hotter.

There was a lot of variety in costumes, some came as Thing 1,2(&3), Wally, a tennis player, a chinese dragon, tradies, police officers, etc. Above is one of my faves: B1 & B2!!

Where’s Wally? Haha :p

Xavier House is not known to be a very athletic house cohort so to come in 3rd place out of 6 places, I was quite happy. :) Last year Xavier was 4th. So that’s one step towards getting 1st in the future. Haha.

Anyway, hope the start of your week has been great! Mine is quite fair, a lot of SepAnx at the moment and also still kinda stuck in Manila mode. Need to tire myself so much before I could start to fall asleep here! Xx

P.S. for the record, I didn’t run today except for the lap of honour haha.

Mutant Elizabeth Bio

Born December 6th 1969 at her family home in Georgetown, Washington D.C, Elizabeth Ann Aura brought warmth to her family during an extraordinarily cold Winter. More brains than beauty as a child, Elizabeth shone brightly at school from a young age and was well liked by those who she called friend.

However, at the age of 8, Elizabeth found that she could, somehow, feel whatever emotions that others were feeling to the point that such things scared her when around too many other people. And thus, her fear was projected onto others who also began to be afraid so at times, Elizabeth refused to go to school, opting at times to remain home and be schooled there instead of going out to meet too many people at once. She still managed to excel at school but she became rather shy and closed off from all strangers so she refused to go out of the house save to the Library to read and learn.

Until, when Elizabeth was 10, Professor Charles Xavier came to her house and explained that she had powers of Empathy and that he could help by going to his school for Gifted Youngsters, where she would still manage to get an education whilst also learning about her powers and be able to control them and use them in an ethical way.
Already having a strong ethical code in herself and wanting to be able to be around other people, Elizabeth agreed, leaving her home behind and travelling with Professor Xavier to his school, learning about her powers and being able to control them.

Along with her powers of Empathy, Elizabeth discovered that she could heal slightly quicker than average and, through projection, she could heal others but nothing too major lest her old wounds re-open themselves and the possibility of her dying from it so she cannot heal grievous wounds.

At 18, she went to University and passed Political Science with 1st Honours and continued her studies into International Relations at a Doctorate level, earning a PhD and the official title of Doctor though she rarely uses it these days save for when she goes to the UN to mediate negotiations. She never takes the limelight though as she prefers to keep her personal life private, and thus her family safe from those who would harm them to get to her and weaken the political state of affairs so, she is a secret treasure of peace to the UN.

Elizabeth was happily married to Jonathon ‘John’ in 1995 though their marriage almost didn’t take place after a long relationship (4 years to be precise what with meeting at a dance soon after her graduation) what with John’s father not approving of the match between Elizabeth and his 2nd son who he didn’t get along with anyway with his choice of being a pilot in the Air Force. So, instead of her taking his name of Watcher, Elizabeth and John combined their names so married as Aura-Watcher, something John rather likes though Elizabeth just finds it a mouthful to say if she used her official title as well but, it made John far happier that way. In a way, much more so as it felt like they actually had their own family rather than a continuation of another’s name.

Jonathon Jnr ‘J.J’ Richard was born just before their first wedding anniversary and is the spitting image of his father, though Elizabeth makes sure that he does a bit better in school and does not turn out exactly like his Father.
Robert Henry was born two years after his brother and is a good mix of his parents, his Mother’s hair and his father’s eyes though they hold a glimmer of green. Quiet but polite and literate, he is a calm force in comparison to his brother and adores his Mother.
Elissa Annabelle came three years after Robert and is known as her parents’ 'little angel’. Surprisingly with dirty blonde-ish hair which Elizabeth knows is from her own Mother, Elissa is sweet natured and helpful though shares a similar temper to her Mother.

However, Elizabeth’s happiness and bliss was short lived what with the death of her husband in 2001, causing such pain and grief in the empath that her former mentor had to block her ability in order for her to not kill herself. He took her back to the school in order to recuperate in a familiar place whilst her children went to their grandparents’ home to live and go to school.
As Elizabeth came out of her shell and realisation of now being a widow with three children, Charles let her regain control over her powers but she stayed as a teacher and unofficial Counsellor. After all, an Empath did not really have a place out in the field and so she was better staying at the school to help the children both as a teacher and as someone who could help with emotions.

None of her children have shown any mutant powers, but she loves them all the same, taking the odd few days away to spend time with them. She had hoped that they would have powers of their own in order to come to the school, but Professor Xavier allows them to visit every now and again.
She has remained single in order to help raise her children but with J.J becoming a teen and then an adult, Robert following behind him, it is likely that she may well enter a relationship again, if only to tide away the loneliness.