freed-bitch-deactivated20131107 asked:

Accents? Great ass? Or when you get a peek of her undies? ;)

1 turn off - naw i mean, fer a one night stand or summin sure it might be a bit different but i couldnt have a relationship with a thick accent girl

2 turn on - assssss all day, need an ass or a rack f'real 

3 uh idk LOL, goal is to get em off so not really a turn on ya kno

freed-bitch-deactivated20131107 asked:

Deep throat? Freaky girls?

1 turn on if she knows what shes doin, i aint tryna become a penis amputee yu kno?

2 yee and just like the last one, not to freaky.. like a bit of individuality behind closed doors can be sexy but when it starts gettin to whips and chains dats just fucked