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you gotta watch degrassi. preferably all of it including junior high and high which is like the parents' generation, but especially the next generation, which is the one starting in 2001. it's so crazy and canadian and weird, and i love how you watched icarly, so if you're looking for another teen show, look no further. watchseries. lt/serie/ degrassi:_the_next_generation

i will absolutely watch degrassi it sounds beautiful

plus drake was in it

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ughhhhhh this just makes me want to make movies where everyone is a different shade of queer. also if you haven’t seen it, watch “celluloid closet.” you seem like you have, given your queerness and education, but it’s on youtube.

i’ve actually never heard of it!! i’ll definitely check it out when i get the chance, though - maybe this weekend! thanks for the recommendation :D 

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queerbaiting is strong with this one. in case you don’t remember. i thought i was straight when i was little so i never noticed it until i rewatched it last year and i was so fucking mad. still a great movie tho

i know. from what i’ve heard, the director actually wanted jules and jess to be a couple but was afraid she’d offend or lose her more conservative indian audience? pretty sure i read that somewhere…