so my best friend is one of the most put together guys on the planet. he’s going to yale next year, he’s incredibly intelligent, his outfits are always so sharp, he’s probably gonna be president one day, and overall he’s incredible.

but when it comes to taylor swift  he literally cannot hold himself together

when 1989 came out, i got a text from him in distress one whether or not he should just buy blank space or binge and get the whole album- he waited two minutes for my response before telling me he just bought the whole thing anyway. its his most played album on his phone

when we talk about taylor swift (which is often) he only ever refers to her as TSwizzle, his girl “taytay”, or Queen TS. 

so last week he told me he actually met her once and I flipped out cause I’m like what how come you never told me this???? 

And he goes, “well, I kind of botched it up. So I was backstage at this rolling stones concert (in Chicago) cause my mom knew a guy and i was standing with my brother when she walks by and all I could say was "Oh My God you’re Taylor Swift” and I just stared at her. And we made eye contact and she just stared at me like I was an idiot, cause I was, and then walked away. And that is the day I met the love of my life"

honestly the pure ability Taylor Swift has to confound men around the world is just fascinating. 

also taylor if you’re reading this, my mom thinks you’re “very mature for your age” which is a plus

Xander’s double standards got on my nerves more and more with every season. He made mistakes or deliberatly withheld/gave the wrong information and then expected everyone to just accept it and move on with no bad consequences for him, but if Buffy made a small mistake or dared to disagree with him he threw all her major failures in her face. He was particularly fond of using Angel’s past against her, while ignoring Anya’s speeches about how she killed and maimed men for centuries. Ironically Angel had no control over his past but still tried to atone for it, while Anya would cheerfully go into explicit details about how she fulfilled various Wishes.