Pac Bastard is becoming a snazzy new webcomic for all ya’ll eyes to see! The website design is drawn and done so now all we need is to finish up putting it all together on our new domain pacbastard.com! It’s under construction so don’t be too disappointed with the look just yet! You’ll be seein’ a whole lot less of the hiatus and a lot more of the good stuff! Stay tuned while I gather some tidbits to tease the premiere!


Two characters I made this past weekend. They’re both monks, Karadeth channels his attacks with frost, shock, fire or acid. He can also slow time slightly to make his catlike dexterity and nimbleness a nightmare to face against. He is also able to detect thoughts and use charm person to avert violence.

Djornaghast(jorn-ah-gasst) is a Lawful evil hungry ghost monk who can’t seem to stay away from the life of movement and loves nothing more than embracing his vampire bloodline to sap another’s lively movements away from them.


A sneak peek at an upcoming personal project I’m working on using my original character; Steam Ball. It’s pretty incredible to see a character of yours come to life. Hope you enjoy.


Sacky the Puppet-A quick animation I did in the car. Took me about 2 hours to complete. This is where it’s at, I hope you enjoy. Color will come to this little guy soon enough.


 Aw Steam Ball, I’ve been drawing you since I was 7…here I am at 25 reconceptualizing you. Feels good. I can’t express how fun it is to draw this guy, I can only keep drawing him. Can’t really say what inspired me to create him in the first place (7 year olds dude), but he’s an important character in the development of my drawing and I can’t really seem to put him to rest so here he is. Sentimentality aside, I can promise a whole lot more of this guy, and then some, to come. Stay solid!

Blinky-the ghoster who’s the hoster of many a Pac-Man deaths. If he’s not the target ghost to eat after a pill, he’s already been eaten. He’s a grade A+ menace known in some countries as a kalamari, others a ghost but unanimously known as a jerk. 

 These are some preliminary glimpses into one of my webcomic projects I’d like to embrace in the near future. The Pac-Man comic will be titled ‘Pac-Bastard’, it mainly stars Pac-Man: a backsliding addict of food and pill alike and Q-Bert knows what else with his friend, role model, enemy and occasional luncheon Blinky in a myriad of absurd rascal ‘adventures’ in the great city of Pac-Urbia.

All rights and ownership belong to Namco and Atari of course, please support the official release :)