Une image faite en hommage à l’association Le Refuge.
Parce que certains souffrent plus que d’autres de brimades, à l’école ou en famille. Parce que certains souffrent de brimades et que c’est toujours sans raison. Parce que tous n’ont pas un endroit où se réfugier après. Parce que ça ne touche pas que nous, français, et que cette triste histoire est universelle.


Some kids are being bullied because of who they are, how they behave, whom they hang with. Some kids are being bullied for no reason at all. Some kids are even bullied at home and have no choice but to get out and find another place, another town, other people to grow with and learn love and self esteem.
I made this picture as a homage to “Le Refuge”, a French association that acts as a shelter for all the lgbt/queer teenagers out there who have nowhere else to go or nobody else to rely upon.
But what I described in my picture isn’t only a French story, or even a lgbt story. It’s a universal story. A sad story.
Let’s try and be more aware of that, to prevent bullying as much as we can.

This picture is (c) Xael.
If you wish to use it please ask and credit me.

Refuge by ~X-AEL

Hello everybody, long time no see ; today I’m starting a little something in order to paint with watercolours a bit and to have fun a lot.

As a matter of fact, I love fashion. Or let’s rather say, fashion inspires me.
I’ve been collecting and storing clothes for the past 20 years - my wardrobe defies logic and isn’t trendy at all - leading to an immense deal of different outfits and looks, going from raggedy to classy, from tomboy to Goth, and from black to grey with a little pinch of red and persimmon.

I’ve wanted to picture my outfits for a very long time now, but I didn’t want to draw myself, ‘cuz that wasn’t the point, right?
Besides, I didn’t want my looks to be styled as feminine or masculine or androgynous or whatever gender label you could imagine. As a queer person, woman isn’t what defines me better, but I’m no man either, and I don’t want to be stuck in any gender box or category. Thus, as my style varies changing with my moods or the weather outside, it’s a human mix and that suits me well.
Thus I’ve finally decided not to draw myself but an animal.
Because why not? It’ll be a good exercise, and this way, I hope, people won’t assume gender and clothes are related. I mean, It’ll be fun to draw a mini-skirt on a rabbit, and who could assume it’s gender identity, amarite?

Well now, enough for today.
This first sketch is a weasel wearing my today’s comfy outfit.

…………..gotta practice, it’s been too long since I’ve painted traditionally (not digitally I mean).

Je travaille sur tout plein de choses en même temps en ce moment.

Ceci est un extrait d’une histoire courte qui sera publiée prochainement dans le collectif Soupir. Dessiné entièrement sur Paint Tool Saï (à part le storyboard au crayon sur mini-carnet), un vrai plaisir à travailler.

A côté de ceci, je bosse sur 3 projets dont un sera un web-comic. Je vous en montre plus très vite! :3

Encore un extrait du projet court pour Soupir tome 4, donc de la planche 2. Les héroïnes commencent à se lâcher un peu et je me régale à planter leurs caractères bien définis.
Aujourd’hui c’est dimanche, je travaille donc sur tout autre chose - histoire de ne pas se rendre malade à faire tout le temps les mêmes boulots. Mais dès le début de la semaine prochaine, je vous montrerai un extrait de la planche 3. :3