#39 - Malachite
Fusion of: Diamond and Jade
Gem Type: Malachite
Weapon(s): Duel-bladed sword/spear
Skills/Powers: between Dial’s fighting skill and Jades luck and skill, she capable at close combat and fighting at a distance, using her infinite daggers. She will use her surroundings to her advantage, and to keep her distance, but is perfectly capable of taking the fight up close and personal, go in for a more direct approach.
Personality: cool, calm, collected, and confident, with Jades luck and Dia skill and training she has little to worry about in battles, especially with to heads(faces?) she literally has eyes in the back of her head, judging her situation in battle before taking action, or taking the fight to them if she wants some, whatever strikes her fancy. A bit like Karma…
Other Notes:  she has two heads/faces both have the same personality but show slightly different emotions; one may be respectful while the other will be making a sarcastic comment perhaps. They also finish each other’s sentences.

145 100%-но рабочих алгоритмов уменьшения уплачиваемых налогов




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