Opening this Saturday!

CUT IT OUT! A History of Stencils in Berlin. Curated by Olly Walker and Henrik Haven and hosted by Urban Nation.

Works by Above, Adam Fiveonehundred, Aiko Ladybutterfly, alessio-b, @Artist Ouvrier, Btoy Andrea, C215, CANVAZ, Czarnobyl X-ter, @Don John, eins92, Eelus, EismannArts, Fin DAC, Icy And Sot, Jana Et Js, JEF AEROSOL, Joe Iurato, Kurar Artist, Mariusz M-city Waras, @Mobstr, @Monkey Bird, Nick Walker, ORTICANOODLES, Pisa Seventy-ThreeReko Rennie, Rene Gagnon - Street Artist, snik, STEN † LEX@Stencil King, @Stew, Stf Moscato, @Stinkfish, Irek Tankpetrol, @x0000x

Special Thanks to Urban Nation