把自己赤裸裸的呈現在網路上 - x.pose

當我們每天不斷將自己的訊息發佈到網路、社群的時候,我們也漸漸的把自己越來越透明化,什麼秘密都藏不住了。而紐約大學學生 Xuedi Chen 與 Pedro Oliveira 就在 Thesis Week 以這個概念發表了這個名為〝x.pose〞的概念作品。

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This Corset Turns More Transparent the More Time You Spend Online

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This Corset Turns More Transparent the More Time You Spend Online

Sometimes the world of wearable technology exists to make our hectic lives just a little bit easier. Look at the smartwatch or the fitness tracker for instance. Before those gadgets existed, we’d have to hire a personal trainer to yell at us if we were running too slow. Now an armband can…


X.pose by Xuedi Chen & Pedro G. C. Oliveira

x.pose dress turns internet exposure into literal nudity

There are number of sci-fi stories about a dystopian future where every piece of information that exists about individuals has been carefully collected, organized, and translated into a definition of who they are, what they think, how they live their life, and where they are at all times.

Oh, wait, that’s real! Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and the government itself has spent the past few years stalking your life and quantifying data that collectively explain your very existence, predict your behaviors, and essentially make it impossible to… hide. We are so transparent on the internet, in fact, that even your peers can do this on a slightly smaller scale.

Xuedi Chen and Pedro G. C. Oliveira have created a dress, called x.pose, as part of…

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This top turns see-through if you leave personal data exposed

"By participating in this hyper-connected society while having little to no control of my digital data production, how much of myself do I unknowingly reveal?" asks Chen, who created X.pose in around three weeks with fellow artist Pedro Oliveira. "To what degree does the aggregated metadata collected from me paint an accurate portrait of who I am as a person? What aspects of my individuality are reflected in this portrait?" The initial design was inspired by Chen’s own struggle to track down the location data kept on her by Google. "Based on my activity logs, Google clearly knows where I am, where I’ve been and possibly even where I’m going," she says. "Yet when I wanted a log of my location history, I had to go through numerous steps to ‘enable’ tracking."

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Image credit: X.pose


Paylaştıkça Dekolteyi Arttıran Giyilebilir Teknoloji - X.Pose

Plastik ağırlıklı 3D print teknolojisiyle üretilmiş akıllı bir kıyafet olan X.pose, sosyal medyaya yükleme yaptıkça siyah plastiklerin arasındaki beyaz paneller şeffaflaşıyor. 

Yapımcıları sosyal medya bağımlılığının farkına varılması için geliştirdiklerini ve ne kadar paylaşım yaparsak kendimizi o kadar çıplaklaştırıyoruz dedi.