Refusing to hand Obama a success, Wyoming leaders refused to extend unemployment benefits, run our own health exchange, or expand help for sick, poor people.

Kerry Drake’s brilliant column in WyoFile. Drake is also the editor of The Casper Citizen, a non-profit, community newspaper.

Hint: It costs Wyoming a hell of a lot. 

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During the last budget session, Sen. Bruce Burns (R-Sheridan) sponsored a bill to use a firing squad, like Utah does. But problems obtaining the banned chemicals weren’t well known then, and it was quickly defeated. The national media treated it as an example of a trigger-happy state anxious to cull its prison population. But after horrific, botched lethal injection attempts in Oklahoma, Ohio and Arizona, the Judiciary Committee not only considered Burns’ bill, it decided to sponsor the measure. Steve Lindly, deputy director of the Wyoming Department of Corrections, explained if the state can’t use lethal injections, it needs an alternative on the books. Right now the legal option is to use a gas chamber, which presents a problem — Wyoming no longer has one.

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