How to Make A Super Dress

A red dress (Though you can substitute with a red shirt or whatever)
Cardstock or thick paper
Gold or yellow Fabric paint
black fabric paint
paint brush
heat gun (optional)

1) Draw the Superman symbol on the cardstock. I free handed mine, though I now wish I traced it or took the time to make it perfect. Using Cardstock or thicker than normal paper helps the fabric paint from not going through the paper. I made the mistake of using just normal paper from my sketch book and when I removed the stencil the edges of the paper stuck to my dress.

2) Cut out the entire symbol.

3) Cut out the background surrounding the “S” and the border. This is the part that will be gold or yellow on the dress. Tape to the dress so it doesn’t move when applying paint.

4)Apply gold paint using the paint brush, it allows smoother texture rather than the puffiness in the end.

5) Dry with heat gun on low setting, hold gun about a foot away from paint. This is only optional if you are impatient like I am. It takes a couple of layers because I used a metallic gold paint and in between layers I dried it with a heat gun.

6) Once satisfied, remove stencil. If any of the paper remains or there is paint in areas where there isn’t supposed to be, you can use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove it. The trick is to use a lot of it and rub with enough force to get the paint or paper off.

7) Use the black fabric paint or outline all the gold parts and the outside of the symbol. Let dry or use the heat gun to dry.

Now it’s time to wear :)