wyatt-patch-salvatore asked:

Wyatt looked at the man, a small smile on his lips as he said, "Hello. My name is Wyatt Salvatore." He sensed an awful stench coming from the man in front of him, making Wyatt turn his head to the side for a moment before turning back to him. "What are you?" he asked, curious on why the man's blood smelled to high hell.

Bruce kept his hands folded in front of him as he half-smiled at Wyatt. “Dr. Bruce Banner.” The smile fell some his face some as he was afraid he knew all too well what the man was asking about. Something about Wyatt put him a little on edge, and he definitely didn’t want to know what on earth or Asgard would cause the man to eye him like that. “I’m… a scientist, if that’s what you mean. Something of a philanthropist, on my good days.”