WWE || Age of Ultron Parody || by (Lily Rose)


the good from today.

Peyton woke up at 6:30 this morning. Wyatt had just left to work on his office so he drove back with donuts for me and took her with him. Logan and I slept in until almost 11am which was so great. Wyatt came home and cooked lunch for us then him and Peyton went back to the office, she fell asleep in the truck on the way. Logan and I went to a friend’s baby shower, one of Wyatt’s classmates. Everyone kept commenting on how calm and laid back he is. When we got back we went to Walmart to get stuff for graduation on Friday, ate dinner, and then back to the office for more work. Logan really hates when we’re out past his bed time but I got him to fall asleep until time to go home, and once his head hit our bed he was out. I gave Peyton, who was in a much better mood, a bath and she went right to bed with no fight.

I know that even though Wyatt and I are barely keeping our heads above water right now, there is still a lot of good in our days. He could probably get more work done without me and the kids there but if that’s how I get a tiny break or we get to spend time together then that’s what we’re going to do. Only 3 more days left of externship then graduation on Friday!