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Melo or KD

If you’ve followed me for a while you’d know my opinion on carmelo anthony. I do not like him at all. A very one dimensional player whos never really focused on improving himself outside of scoring the ball. I think Kevin’s already better than Melo ever was, Melo lead his team with AI to the WCF ONCE, where Kevin has already lead the Thunder to the WCF TWICE. Kevin has scoring titles to Melo’s 1. Melo is a horrible leader, in the way that he doesn’t step up and lead the team in any other way than hogging the ball and not getting his teammates involved. The way Kevin’s played without Westbrook shows his leadership, 12 straight games over 30 without him, while also gettin Ibaka into great numbers over his streak at the same time. Where as Melo gives up and takes advantage of the excuse that his team isnt at full strength to lose games.

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My 10 Questions:

1) What’s your biggest fear?
In short? Not accomplishing my goals, you know, not living the life I want to to. Not being a successful actress, not ever finding anybody, not learning to love myself unconditionally, not being happy with where my life ends up.

2) Do you remember your first date? If so, what happened?
Uhhhmm…well, funny story…I didn’t know it was a date, oops. Like, I was friends with this guy for about a year and a half and in class sophomore year, one day me and a bunch of people, him included, were talking about seeing The Great Gatsby, and he texts me that weekend asking if I want to see it so I was assuming it was a group thing so I was like “YEAHH LEGGO” but it took me like two seconds to realize it wasn’t a group thing as soon as I got there. He bought my ticket, and my drink and candy (even though I insisted I pay), and he did the whole arm thing and layed on my shoulder (which made no sense because he had to slump so far down In his seat to do this because he was 6’4”????) and tried to kiss me and shit and wow I felt really I comfortable and felt really bad at the same time.
Other than that, I’ve never been on a date or asked out or anything. I’m lame.

3) What’s your dream vacation?
There are so many places that I want to go, but my dream vacation is more about visiting one of the many beautiful places on my list, but going with someone I love, or a few close friends as opposed to alone or with my family. (It’s more about the memories and the people you share them with than the place In my opinion, I know it’s cliche but I’m serious)

4) What do you want your ideal significant other going to be like?
I don’t know. I’ve never dated anyone so I don’t know what really works, if that makes sense? So all I have is what’s in my head.
I have this idea of a handsome guy who I just click with ya know? Someone artsy and creative like me, but also intelligent and caring and goofy and weird. Someone I can actually be myself around and not feel the need to look pretty for or be concerned about how they see me because I’ll just know that they love me for who I am, and I’ll do the same.

5) Ever he into a tricky situation?
(Sorry idk what you’re asking…..)

6) You have 24 hours to live, what do you do?
Make a video about all the life lessons I’ve learned and advice I have to give to the world and post it online. Attend a college acting class, audition for a professional show, just to say I’ve done it, travel somewhere peaceful with someone I love and hen just talk….about the things I regret the hints I don’t. I’ll cry a little bit, hen I think I’ll just want to fall asleep next to said person and do my best to be okay with knowing I won’t wake up.

7) Who’s your current crush?
A few people on tumblr tbh, and then a weird thing happened today, actually….this dude was giving a speech during announcements and I was like “oh hey, I have a greater appreciation for you as a person I actually think you have a really good heart and you’re kinda cute too wow wtf I have a little crush on you”(I seriously doubt we’d really click but it was weird as he was talking I could feel me liking him more and I was like wtf no stop)

8) Favorite movie/tv show?
Movie: Donnie Darko, the Shawshank Redemption, Brides Maids
TV: supernatural, Bobs Burgers, orange is the new black

9) If Luke Bryan walked up to right now, what would you tell him?
“hey! I haven’t really listened to your music before, but I know you’re pretty good. Maybe you could play me something sometime. You seem like a pretty decent person, let’s get coffee sometime and I can learn more about you” idk something like that. Bc I don’t really know who he is, nor am I too familiar with his music but I’m open to anything ya feel

10) How many times have you hugged someone today?
Up until about like ten minutes ago, none, then my friend Lauren asked me for one:) so just one haha

Questions I have:
1) Tell me about your best friends:)
2) Do you have any allergies?
3) What’s the last book you read, movie you watched, and thing you ate?
4) What’s a song that makes you sad?
5) one that makes you smile?
6) Where do you want to live ten years from now?
7) what do you like to do in your spare time?
8) if you had one wish guaranteed to come true what would you wish for?
9) any pets you have/want to get?
10) favorite memory/memory that makes you happy

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