Lee and Cel are some of the cutest people I’ve met and I’m just really happy that they found each other but I feel weird saying that because I’m not exactly super close to either of them but I’ll just see them make posts about each other and I’m just like “yeah. yeah!! you two be cute! you two make each other really happy and that’s great wowow!! I’m so happy for both of you!!!”

I had a dream that lee called me and we talked about bugs and how we wished there was a world where all the plants were huge and everyone could have mushroom houses and they talked about cel for a bit and it was cute and a v nice dream

wxie replied to your post: i’m really unciomfortable i’m gonna tr…

im sorry abt all this yr dealing with right now, if it helps yr going about it in a great way nd yr very tough !!! go take a break or smthn if its getting too you, i hope you feel better soon

thank u i really think i could have handdled it better but i cna’t change it now thank u lov you!

First impression: cute blog cute face cute life i like this person

Truth is: v v v cute n i love u n im so so so glad i followed u

How old do you look: magic baby

Have you ever made me laugh: ive giggled at how cute you are if that counts

Have you ever made me mad: nope!!!

Best feature: oh gosh oh g osh.///////// your face is really cute and So is your tummy oh boy///////////////////////

Have I ever had a crush on you: a lil squish crush yea

You’re my: idol in some respects ngl!!

Name in my phone: dont have yr number :-(

Should you post this too? if you want to!!