I’m hoping for LOTS of snow this year. And not just in our local mountains, but right down here at sea level. Because I’m a jerk like that. Come on Mother Nature, don’t disappoint me.

(Note to all you whiny cold weather diaper babies: Don’t like it? Move somewhere warm!)

That’s all. Carry on.



vmax140 you are about to be mind blown if you didn’t know this existed!! I was!

This website that that shows winds on the Earth has SO much more to offer! There’s going to be a lot of pictures here showing some of the many amazing things you can view.

Thank you to GFS/NCEP/US NWS for this!!!!! 

*Note you can go forward and backwards by day; you can change from UTC-Local, degrees C to F, mph to km/h, m/s, and knots. Everything you could ask for is here!!  (almost, lol)

Sfc Temp and Wind. (The green circle represents Starkville in all further pictures)

Sfc Relative Humidity 

Total Cloud Water (sfc)

MSLP. Lows are purple and Highs are White

Misery Index- Measures Wind with Wind Chill and Heat Index values. Right now NOLA feels pretty miserable outside while in Michigan it’s a little dry and chilly. 

500mb Winds

500mb Temps

And then I realized you can change the projection of how Earth is viewed…


Conic Equidistant



Waterman Butterfly

All of this and more… http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-94.85,38.31,1247