what would persephone wear » many would think the queen of the underworld would incorporate the flames within her clothes, but much to the contrary. the way she dresses reflects the way she feels; she is majestic and valuable, for her captor hades always makes sure she is provided the best, the most amazing stones cover her from head to toe as the unholy armor she so desperately needs to get through the day. but the shades of fabric only vary from ivory to the deepest black, which represent the dullness of what her life has become.


sorenowl answered your question: I got like 60 new followers in the past day

There was a post on Buzzfeed that talked about you! (sorta) 

I mean, the comments are just people being all “oh that’s DUMB” but I mean, like I’ve said before, these blogs are meant to be aesthetic and fun, nothing more.

And to think, this all started because I had found the perfect pair of bridesmaid shoes…haha

man am I proud of all the sister blogs


 what would the morrigan wear » in old irish mythology, the goddess of battle and strife takes the form of a crow, a wolf, an eel, and a cow. But in present days, the takes the form of pure couture and elegancy. A lot has been lost in translation, but not her tendency and love for conflict; countless sets or armors can be found on the walls as a display of bravery and power, though the warriors whose lives she takes are aware of her magnitude without even getting a glimpse of the diamonds that cover every inch of her skin that isn’t already taken by steel.


 what would artemis wear (requested by anonymous) » she is the olympian huntress, the one they all run from, but the one whose arrow’s end will always find the back of your skull if your name is on her list. she is always after something or someone, and she likes to wear her trophies around her neck, arms, and legs. it can either be in the form of leather, fur, feathers, or anything that was once part of a living thing that she’s put out of its misery like she has been doing since the beginning of time. 


 what would the devil’s daughter wear » the term “hell on heels” didn’t come about until after she was conceived. she’s her father’s glory without the fall, and dominates the mortal world in leather jackets, graphic messages, and spikes. blessed — or shall we say damned — with a body that borders perfection, the child of sin isn’t afraid to expose it or use it against those whose morals don’t match hers. she runs with demons, goes to mass in short skirts, and as any good girl should, pledges allegiance to her daddy.


 what would apollo wear » light radiates from his skin, but it is not only the flesh that catches your attention when the god of the sun enters the room. polished and well put together, the fabric leaves nothing to the imagination; he is who he is, and he sooner you realise it, the better. yellow is his colour. yellow for the sun, yellow for the truth, and yellow for the colour of people’s eyes when they’re about to meet their fate, delivered by the plague sent by him.