Learning to enhance the body and mind one is born with is more important than having been endowed with genetic perfection.

-Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner, “Living La Dolce Vita”

Enhancing what you’re born with is my specialty.  Stick with me and you’ll go places, pinky promise.

-the professionista

2.11.13 is around the corner…stay tuned.

Introducing: Mindful Mondays


Introducing Mindful Mondays: a thoughts and an insightful quote to set the tone for your week, courtesy of yours truly :)

THOUGHT: Forget your money and your mouth: this Valentine’s Day (and Week!) just put your Time where your Heart is.

No one, at the end of their life, ever says, “I wish I would have worked longer hours, made more money, built a bigger company, bought more stuff,” but many DO say, “I wish I would have spent more time with loved ones…I wish I would have pursued my passions.” Keep working hard and building your career, but always remember that as rewarding as your job may be, it can’t love you back. And if your job isn’t your passion, find something outside of your 9-to-5—whether it be a hobby or a cause or another job altogether—that makes you fall in love with what you do. Bottom line: love others, love you, and love what you do; life is so much sweeter that way!



 Fashion Fit for a F.L.O.T.U.S.

#40 Nancy Reagan - First Lady in Red


|STYLE CLAIM TO FAME| The Presidential POP of Color

| WHY HER CLAIM TO FAME CAN WORK FOR YOU | Don’t be afraid of color!  Mrs. Reagan called her favorite color—a shade of red later dubbed Reagan Red— a “picker-upper” because that’s what color does: it has the power to elevate your look AND your mood, all without breaking a sweat or the bank.  Your color of choice may not be a bold red, but don’t limit yourself to neutrals and dark colors.  Find a color that you are comfortable with that gives your look the same kind of stand-out appeal—like a feminine pink or a soothing green—in a shade that works for you.  General rule of thumb, if it looks good around your face, then it’s probably a good fit. 

|F.L.O.T.U.S. FACT | Just like her husband, Mrs. Reagan worked as a professional actress, appearing in movies and in a music video—an anti-drug abuse message.

Tomorrow isn’t a promise, it’s a chance.

Rachel Joy Scott, Columbine victim www.rachelschallenge.org



Thought of the Day

When we hustle and bustle through life, it’s easy to forget just how precious time is.  Don’t wait for “the perfect time”—it doesn’t exist.  Don’t spend your life second-guessing, regretting, wallowing, or engaging in other exercises in futility.  Make today, and everyday, a great day.  If you make every moment count and make the most of the important connections in your life—family, friends, colleagues, and so on—the outcomes may just exceed your expectations.  And if you live each moment as if it’s your last and mix in a little kindness along the way, who knows, the goodness you put into the world may just outlive you.  Just ask Rachel Joy Scott.

Introducing: Work-It Wednesdays - Valentine's Day Work Hair Flair


Introducing Work it Wednesday: quick tips and style tricks to keep your look in tip-top shape from midweek to weekend!

 Today’s Work-It Wednesday topic: V-Day Work Hair Flair

The Professionista has scoured the YouTube-isphere for the best romantic hair styles that are fit for any workplace, from the uniformed and traditional to the creative and casual. Find one that works best for you!

"V-Day Work Hair Flair" for the TRADITIONAL/UNIFORMED Workplace

  • Who: Someone can appreciate a modern mullet with a bun twist—business in the front, flair in the back
  • Where: Professional environment that prefers a standardized or more traditional look (i.e. Airlines for flight attendants, Law firms)
  • How: The French Braid Bun, http://youtu.be/BtmwZ2-6uO4
  • image

"V-Day Work Hair Flair" for the MODERATE Workplace

  • Who: The Old Hollywood Chic Aficionado
  • Where: Work environment that is professional, but not strict (think “business casual”)
  • How: Dita Von Teese Tutorial, http://youtu.be/lX5TGIgx_AQ
  • image

 ”V-Day Work Hair Flair” for the CREATIVE Workplace

…and last-but-not-least,

"V-Day Work Hair Flair" for the CASUAL Workplace

  • Who: The lady looking for no-fuss hair, curly or straight, with a touch of flair
  • Where: A very laid-back, flexible work environment, even working from home
  • How: Waterfall Twist for Straight hair, http://youtu.be/JEuS6Sc22_E or Quick Curly Styles, http://youtu.be/obmsSydncLI
  • image

So Professionistas, which style is your pick for this Valentine’s Day/Work Week? Let me know and post some pics!