Back in December, I photographed doomsday prepper Braxton Southwick at his home in Salt Lake City for Men’s Journal. I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into this assignment but it turns out he was a totally normal(ish) suburban dad with a family and a stockpile of assault weapons and food in his basement. I have also never ever had any photo subject as down to try crazy ideas as this guy.  We did this shoot the day before newtown and there were tons of guns in every photo and it seemed like it would be in poor taste to use them at the time so I was glad that we shot these ridiculous cup o noodle photos…

Super excited about the work I did for the NYT Sunday Magazine in Yellowstone for their “Look” section that is out this weekend. Spent three days photographing people camping and recreating in the park. Assignments like this make everything totally worth it. Full slideshow on the website here. I’m going to put up an expanded edit on my site later. 


I photographed at Park City Mountain Resort on Monday and Tuesday for Bloomberg Businessweek for a story about how their mountain is in peril after a competing resort chain is trying to shut down their land lease. Article here. Thanks to Meagan and the crew for a fun assignment. Any day spent on a snowboard outdoors is a good day…