Translation: I Killed You (Part 8/14)

Genre: Modern!Eren x Snkverse!Levi, domestic!ereri, angst, fluff

Artist: 寥九_是寥寥无几的寥

Trans: koi

T/N: I’m so sorry that this is late! Midterms took a pretty heavy toll on me. The schedule will resume to normal from now on, and a new part will be uploaded every Monday. Enjoy!

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ok it’s 1am and i should go to sleep but i want to watch a movie. i kind of want to watch something in the family of love actually, pitch perfect, mamma mia… so something feel-good and mindless but not contrived. just a genuine romantic comedy that lets its cliches be what they are but exists outside of cliches as well. something that’s more about characters than it is about ~love as an unstoppable force~ or whatever. recommendations?