it all falls apart at the bum shaking omfg

right so i had a lot of fun doing this so i’ve decided to turn it into a tag to see how all of u guys can do better than me, as you can see, i am no dancer


basically just film yourself doing your fave choregraphy (only if you’re comfortable with that) and tag heck loads of people to do it too

I tag:
  apeyeol, applejimin, arxcia, astrohobibaroxidebutt-tan, cheonkook, eatkookienow, eto-nani, ew-horseok, jiyongs-g-thong, jungkoppa, kimgothjoon, kimhyunq, mesutspenis, notbangtan, ohyoungbae, park-jizzmin, rxnchranda, s-wag-suga, taes-r-us, yonggukwhy suga-com, and anyone else who wants to do it!

p.s you r in no way obligated to do this xx 

Heeyy so i reckon i’ve been on tumbr long enough for a few people to care what i look like heh *^~^*

This is the 20 beautiful women tag; i was tagged by nokookieforuchimchim thank you bb :)

So i tag you guys! (only if you want to) I don’t talk to all of you, but i do admire all of you shinee-eyebrow-game-strong ❤️, lostinyourjam, suhoahjusshi, jijongjae, little-wanderer13 (if u get this ;), presidenthoseok, idbangbangtanboys, touchthe-flame, popetaemin, key-is-my-wife-k, tinymochi, anime-shinee0–0, rapmonstahp, bjootoo, yoongiggles and suga-com (because you are amazing and need more love imo) aegyo-shinee (senpai!), and kvted/ themisconceptionofme (thank you for being so nice to me when i first joined tumblr :)

*throws flowers*

Se alguém perguntasse quais os lugares favoritos de Dorian, sem pensar duas vezes ele responderia que é a floresta. Gostava de ir para lá quando o campo de quadribol estava ocupado ou quando simplesmente queria um tempo sozinho. Com seu cigarro na boca, ele gostava de simplesmente dar algumas tragadas e observas a fumaça voando entre as nuvens.