This is an image inspired by one of my all time favourite movies Stand By Me. It Has lots of little references to the movie and was part of the recent movie inspired exhibition, were it appeared as an alternate VHS cover for the show Not For Rental

* ( Please note the real prints do not have my web address across the bottom that is just for Tumblr)

Also 10 % of all the sales of this print go to one of the charities involved in the exhibition. Art Against Knives for more details of their work visit the site.

There are two options for the very first time in my shop on any print. 

• A1 size Giclée print (84 x 59.4 cms/33.1 x 23.4 inches) 

This is the very, very limited edition of just 5 copies. This is signed, numbered and also comes with a small orginal head & shoulders sketch of either Gordie, Vern or Teddy. No Chris I am afraid.


• A2 size Giclée print (59.4 x 42cms/23.4 x 16.5 inches) from a larger run of original signed, numbered limited to an edition of 50 copies.