Last week Ryan and I headed to rural Ohio to shoot a photo essay for Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The story is about a GM factory that reinstated their third shift, 10:30 PM-6:30 AM, and how the addition impacted local businesses positively. It was a pretty exhausting shoot - after driving all day, we began 12 hours of bouncing around Lordstown and surrounding small towns to photograph the factory, small businesses and a few select subjects for the story. We then drove back in the morning. Because the magazine was going to press a day later, everything had to be shot digitally, which at night can easily produce bad, bad images. It was good practice.

Anyways, I loved working on this, and once again getting the opportunity to photograph people working on the line, making things, puts things into perspective. Nothing but respect.

I uploaded an extended edit of photos on my site here, and here’s the feature on Bloomberg’s site, complete with captions. The story is on newsstands today if you want to see the spread in print.