@kashitaro_ito: リプライを見て感じます! 

@kashitaro_ito: I can tell from everyone’s replies!
I wonder why everyone has been worrying about me recently…!
It’s not a lie or anything, right now besides being the healthiest I’ve been in my life, my singing condition is good too…!
I’m really alright!!

@kashitaro_ito: おい(笑)!!本当です!RT @ogsm_430: @kashitaro_ito 腹筋割れてるのは嘘ですよね?壁|ω・`)チラッ

@kashitaro_ito: Oi (laughs)!! It’s true! RT @ogsm_430: @kashitaro_ito Saying that you have abs, it’s a lie right? |ω・`)

@kashitaro_ito: 証拠として写真をアップロードするのははばかられるのですが、ミカサくらい腹筋割れてたらみんな謝ってよ…?

@kashitaro_ito: I think it’d be a bit questionable to upload a photo as proof, but when you see that I have abs like Mikasa all of you have to apologize got it…?

(t/n: he’s referring to Mikasa from SnK who has..amazing…abs….he’s lying…ww)

t/n: Please proceed to enjoy the literary appeal of the multi-linguistic puns made by the esteemed Mr Kashitaro Ito (seriously they’re dumb but funny)

@kashitaro_ito: fucking(腹筋)!!!

((t/n: Mr Kashitaro, please control yourself www 腹筋 fukkin, sit-ups, stomach muscles or abs as you can tell has a really similar pronunciation as fucking. Never expected the day that Kashitaro would swear to come w)

@kashitaro_ito: NOSMOKING(横綱不在)

(t/n: 横綱 yokozuna, is the highest rank in sumo 横綱不在 Yokozuna fuzai means that there is no sumo champion. In this case, it can be translated as “No Sumo King”, which you can tell has a very similar pronunciation to No Smoking. Once again, w onderful pun brought to you by Mr Ito.)

@kashitaro_ito: 電車にいるのに笑わせないで下さい…!!RT @itigoame_dazo: @kashitaro_ito オールマイティー(全て私のお茶)

@kashitaro_ito: I’m on the train right now please don’t make me laugh…!! RT @itigoame_dazo: @kashitaro_ito: Almighty (all my tea)

(t/n: a wonderful pun brought to you by a brave fan. They have moved the heart of Mr Ito, I am proud of this person.)

“I tried for the Coffeeship Table” featuring Team “We couldn’t stop shooting each other” and Team “Gay tried Gay failed & Too Straight”


Q : The moment you felt that you became one with everyone in the venue?
Jaejoong : I think the moment when I felt that was from the moment we climbed up from the stage until the moment we came down from it. Everyone who came from far places in order to see our concert, [when they] cheered with power and the venue was filled with the red wave. Singing one song, listening to a short conversation, the concert moment of communication with each other and the fans, [that’s] when I feel that we became one with everyone.

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