Interview with Borotba leader Victor Shapinov, Part 2

By Greg Butterfield

WW: Borotba seems unique in the post-Soviet left in bringing Marxists from many backgrounds and historical currents into a united communist organization. How were you able to achieve that?

VS: We worked hard on it. It involved both theoretical and organizational work.

From the theoretical side, we tried to focus on the contradictions that exist in society now and analyze them from the point of view of Marxism.

We see that the splits that were part of the communist movement in the past are not so important now, or we see them in a very different way. We saw that there were some groups that are like reconstructors [this term refers to people who re-enact historic military battles, like Civil War re-enactors in the U.S.]. They want to refight the old battles.

We don’t want to be like this. We want to make real politics for the working class and oppressed peoples, and not play at being Stalin, or Trotsky, or Mao Zedong, or whatever. Because those people did not play at being Marx or the Jacobins. They made revolutionary politics for their times.

From the organizational side, when we started to create Borotba, we decided to try and look upon ourselves and what we were doing through the eyes of the people, not through the eyes of competing leftist groups.

How do the common people see us? That is a practical criterion for our work, not the opinions of some publications that spend all their time critiquing other leftists. If you don’t waste a lot of time on that, you have more time to observe how the people see you and how to reach them.

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The Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball

The Baker Street Babes are the web’s only all-female Sherlock Holmes podcast. This January, during the official Baker Street Irregulars Weekend in NYC, we present the Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Ball, a banquet benefiting Wounded Warrior Project in honor of all our courageous men and women in uniform. We owe inspiration for this event to those who tirelessly serve our country, and to Dr. John Watson, army doctor, whose recovery from the ravages of the Second Afghan War once required the help of an extraordinary friend.

We are in hopes the ball will prove an opportunity for traditional and fledgling Sherlockians to mingle and revel and palaver and enjoy each other’s company!

Thursday the 10th of January
8:00 pm, following the Distinguished Speaker’s Lecture
Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10032
$45 Buffet Dinner

Tickets can be bought at

Featuring an auction of Sherlockian swag, a quiz, a raffle, a costume competition, and many more activities to be announced!

100% of proceeds from the ball benefit the Wounded Warrior Project,; 1-877-TEAM-WWP.

First Contact and The Wil Wheaton Project

BLOG: First Contact and The Wil Wheaton Project

My new show premieres a month from today, on the network that I like to call “the network formerly-known as Sci-Fi,” but since that makes people who changed its name mad at me, I won’t call it that in this post.*

Seriously I’m bolding this because it’s important: The Wil Wheaton Project premieres at 10pm EDT on Wednesday, May 27th, on Syfy™ Syfy: Imagine Greater, and also watch WWE.**


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New York City: March Against Capitalism, October 8, 2014.

Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) initiated an openly communist, youth-led demonstration against the World Business Forum in New York City on October 8. 

Along with signs targeting low wages and police terror from Ferguson to Staten Island, the internationalist marchers carried the red flag of revolutionary communism, as well as the flags of Palestine, Syria, and the Ukrainian Marxist organization Borotba. 

The march and speak-outs targeted several monopoly capitalist criminals, including Staples, Chase Bank, Apple and Fox News, before finishing at Radio City Music Hall, site of the WBF, to join the afterwork demonstration of the People’s Power Assembly Movement.

Photos by redguard

I know I said forever ago I would post a recent photo of husbands legs. He’s incredibly self conscious about the scars. But I just see them as a badge of courage. He fought his ass off to keep his legs. The doctors said he would never walk again and here he is 3 years later walking, with both legs. Even though they think the scarring will cause him to lose his left leg in the next ten years. What he has now, we are both so thankful for.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a essentially a legal scam. Injured soldiers are a huge cash cow, and tons of organizations cashing in on us. I could go on and on about how awful they are, but I’ll condense it to bullet points.

  • The American Institute of Philanthropy graded their charitable transparency, and gave them a D. They barely avoided an F.
  • Out of $154.9 million dollars raised, 61.63% was used to pay salaries and admin expenses. That’s over 94 million dollars. Only 38.36% of money they receive is actually made available to benefit wounded warriors. 
  • They spend over 12 million donated dollars on office expenses alone, and more than 4 million on “traveling.”
  • Of the top ten WWP employees, the lowest paid of them takes home $150,000 of donated money per year as his salary. The highest paid WWP employee gives himself a salary of $333,000 per year. 
  • The WWP actually refuses donations if made by organizations that conflict with their personal political standpoints. Most recently, they refused $50,000 raised by children at a Baptist church, and refused to appear on a firearms related radio program because they didn’t want to associate their brand with firearms and 2nd Amendment rights.

Here is the Wounded Warrior Project’s IRS Form 990 - corroborating all the numbers cited. The rest of the information can easily be Googled. Thank you for your questions, guys.