wwedding planners

anywway i figure on me bein ovverdue postin any kinda update on wwhat me and kar been up to as of lately

i mean since wwe got like 30 neww followwers in the last couple a days i gotta givve fair wwarnin that i do make text posts that aint debunks and so does kar although im TRYIN a get him to post more an he did say hes thinkin on doin some drawwin this wweek so wwell see

so wwhat wwevve been doin this past couple wweeks is plannin a wwedding for one of our close friends wwho wwanted to get married at our hivve an havve a big party on our lawwn circle an evverythin so wwe been rushed off our feet gettin it all set up an organised and wwhatnot

the sickeninly happy couple are vvegans so evverythin had to be vvegan an nature themed an all that good stuff and there wwere like 90 guests so there wwas a lot a shit to do like just foldin the fuckin napkins wwas a wwork of art wwhat took twwo days an dont evven ask about howw evvery guest had an indivvidual place card attached to a fuckin apple tellin em wwhere to sit this shit wwas legit man im tellin you

anyhoww i aint gonna bore you wwith details but it all wwent dowwn fantastic an since our friend is fuckin nerdy but awwesome me an kar got to wwear pirate themed costumes so you assholes all missed out on seein a couple a troll pirates dancin a quickstep wwaltz at a vvegan buffet

wwhat im gettin at here is if you guys didnt already think me an kar wwould be the best fuckin wweddin planners on this measly fuckin planet wwell noww you knoww

alright i probably oughta go up to the respite block noww kars already mad at me stayin dowwn here past midnight not that im fuckin wwhipped or nothin i just dont need to be dealin wwith any extra grumpy right noww

see you later or wwhatevver

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It’s a cup, but actually can be referred to as a tumbler. Really.

it’s a tumbler even if it doesn’t have a tap? anyway, today they didn’t have I’m planing on going tomorrow and ask. They say they wouldn’t getthem butthey didn’t even knowh how this thing was supposed to wwork so i don’t believe them xD. since the official FB of the group said the tumblers/cups would be avaible on all the paricipant cinemas then I’ll go tomorrow

I’m sleepy

Free! on the bg screen was awesome

comin back to life after bein dead wworks like this: 

[some magic anon wwavves their magical grey fingers and youre suddenly alivve but wwith a catch congratulations asshole] 

i been letting my hair groww out cause i miss braidin it but its actually a lot a wwork to deal wwith long

maybe i should just stick to braidin my moirails mane an forevver be a rebellious little heathen