Kendo stick between the legs

Because the video is so long, and because I have Windows Vista, the final 18 minutes of Roman and Seth’s tables match can be found at this link that will connect you to my Google. There’s a lot of great moments in this match that I think you guys will like, including Seth mocking Roman’s little ‘OOOH’ thing he does before a spear, Roman putting Seth through the table, and a speech at the end of the video that made me cry (seriously). 

"Where y’all going, huh? We’re just getting started out here! Did’ya have a good time? That didn’t really sound too good, did’ya have a good time? I’m just messing with you guys, I know you had a good time. I could hear you the whole time I was back there, and I could feel you while I was out here. This is a 24/7 job, there are no off season. When you’re feeling tired and you’re feeling banged up, and you’re traveling all day… this is the best 30 minutes I’ve had in my life. For that, I say thank you. I’m Roman Reigns, this is WWE Live, BELIEVE THAT!”

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The Shield reacting to Alberto Del Rio pin John Cena and reacting to Cena fighting back.

It’s pretty funny how the act sometimes. This is my video btw.