What Would Captain Marvel Do? She’d punch a dinosaur but she SHOULD keep an eye out for this shirt in #timesignature because the 2x it shows up are going to be a lil #easteregg for the cool kids who pay attention. Shooting this weekend! #film #filmmaking #captainmarvel #wwcmd #caroldanvers #carolcorps #punchingadinosaur #filmcurious #timetravel

Sometimes you have to ask yourself serious questions… like What Would Captain Marvel Do?! (She’d punch a dinosaur, for a start! ;) )  We’ve got the tee for you, brand NEW in our Marvel tees curated by Kelly Sue DeConnick!

Pick up this tee for women AND men in Kelly Sue’s Mighty Fine Partners category; she’s donating her curation commission for each tee sold in her group to the Girls’ Leadership Institute.

And in case you missed it, check out Kelly Sue’s update on the fundraising progress; you can help raise enough to send more girls to camp for the summer!

I asked my dad for this, since he’s been bugging me to tell him what I want for Christmas and my answer has been “Nothing, please god don’t get me anything I have to move at the end of the school year and I don’t want more shit to pack.”

But dude, this shirt.

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This is what Chuck Mangione would do