This is what I love to do and im glad God continues to give me the strength I need to keep this going, I PR'ed again in the 400 meter hurdles and I still have so many things to fix but you cant eat an elephant in one day so everything is a work in progress but im glad to see the growth. #TrackNation #HurdleNation #WUTF #Hurdles (at Johnson C. Smith Invitational)


Martin Freeman
Benedict Cumberbatch
Stephen Fry
Evangeline Lilly
Sylvester McCoy

Elijah Wood
Orlando Bloom

ARE IN ONE MOVIE?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO..

I know there are many other famous names there.. but those make my heart skip a bit…

Thanks for everything coach, you’ve seen me grow so much in this year. I was given the opportunity to run collegiate track and field and you helped me I went from being unable to bound, lift barely any weight in the weight room and me trusting you I PR'ed in long jump since high school by an entire foot while putting on 15-20lbs of muscle. You really helped me and I appreciate you for putting time in me and helping me develop but just to let you know coach I got you in best dressed! Haha #TrackNation #WUTF #WUSPYS (at WUSPYS)

Today showed me a lot, my team we finished 2nd in conference, it was an amazing experience that God has allowed to see and participate in.. Time to go back to the drawing board and fix some things.. I finished 5th in the 400 meter hurdles and 6th in Long Jump with a new PR But none the less God still gets all the praise. The best is still to come. #WUTF #LongJump #TrackNation (at Lenoir-Rhyne University)

This past weekend I had the blessing in running in our first home meet. Even though I came in second place in the 400 meter hurdles and I PR'ed I still have so much to work on, which is very positive, I may not know what God has in store for me but I do know that the best is yet to come and I won’t stop working till I achieve my goals. #TrackNation #WUTF #HurdleNation (at Wingate Invitational)

First meet in the books with bae.. lol I have a few things that I have to fix but overall, happy for now but ready to put in more work on the track, all glory goes to God though giving me this ability to glorify his name and enjoy what I’m doing. #TrackNation #WUTF #400MeterHurdles


My form has gotten so much better this indoor season but I’ve learned you don’t see improvements the same day or the next day but over time it comes along, so much to work on so I can keep getting more and more distance #LongJump #TrackNation #PierreFlights✈️✈️ #WUTF🏃💨 #Runnerspace (at JDL Fast Track)

Yesterday I was blessed to run in my first collegiate meet. It was a learning experience I went out there and had fun, I may not have had the fastest time but I learned so much and I realized that there is so much more that I have to do to get better. The best is yet to come, even though perfection is unachievable I will strive for it. #WUTF #TrackAthlete 🏃💨 (at JDL WINSTON SALEM 🏃💨)


Day by day Im just striving to get better. #WUTF #LongJump 🏃💨